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15+ DIY Keychain Tutorials

"Where are my keys?"

"What happened to the four wheeler keys?"

"Did you see the keys to the barn?"

All questions I hear on a very regular basis.  Despite the fact that all these keys are put in the same cupboard.
Create your own diy keychain with these 15+ fun project ideas and tutorials.

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    With so many keys to keep track of, it can be tricky to figure out ways to keep them from disappearing.  One way I have found that helps, is to create DIY keychains for each of our different keys.

    I might have a fun leather keychain for the four wheeler and a simple acrylic keychain for the barn.  I love fabric keychains for each of our cars.  And the kids all have their own mini backpacks for their coins.

    Plus, keychains are always a great gift idea.  You can make them for parents, grandparents, teachers and friends.  And many of the keychains we are sharing today are perfect projects for kids of all ages.

    How do you make a homemade keychain?

    Homemade keychains come in a variety of styles and materials.  Keychains can be sewn with fabric, molded from clay, carved using a cutting machine or even cut from leather.

    The list of keychains below make up a variety of tutorials on making homemade keychains.

    What supplies do you need to make keychains?

    Keychains can be made with many different materials but usually contain a metal or plastic keyring.  The keychain design can be made from fabric, wood, acrylic, paper and even rubber.

    Do keychains sell well on Etsy?

    Jewelry is a very popular seller on Etsy.  Keychains can be considered jewelry.  Custom keychains might be a popular choice and may have potential of selling well.

    keychain bundle

    DIY Keychains and Tutorials

    diy keychains
    Tassel Keychain from Angie Holden
    A great project for adults and kids alike.  

    diy keychain
    Fall Cork Keychain from Clarks Condensed
    Cork is a great material to use for keychains and this is a quick project.

    diy key chain
    Braided T-shirt Keychain from Crafts by Amanda
    Upcycle those old t-shirts into a fun keychain project.

    diy keychains
    Keychain Bracelet from Cupcakes and Cutlery 
    If you loose your keys easily, add those keys to a bracelet.

    diy key chains
    Keep track of that chapstick with this free tutorial.

    diy keychains
    Customize a simple keychain with some faux leather and iron on vinyl.

    diy keychain
    Leather Heart Keychain from Hello Creative Family
    Create a quick keychain for your Mom this year.

    diy keychains
    Add a card holder to your keychain instead of using a wallet.

    diy key chains
    Shrinky Dink Keychains from Juggling Act Mama
    Draw your own design and heat the shrinky dink to make a custom keychain.

    diy keychain
    This simple sewing project is great for beginner sewists.

    diy keychains
    Quick Lanyard
    Make a lanyard for school or work.

    diy keychains
    Tiny backpacks are the perfect coin pouch and keychain.

    diy key chains
    Simple Beaded Keychain from Practical and Pretty
    Beaded keychains are very trendy and super simple.

    diy keychain
    Button Cluster Keyring from Sum of Their Stories
    Pull out that button bucket and put together one of these diy keychains.

    diy keychains
    Engraved Keychain from The Crafty Blog Stalker
    Use the Cricut Maker engraving tool to make your own diy keychain.

    diy keychains
    Make their keyring magical with a custom unicorn.

    diy key chains
    Hexie Keyring from Molly and Mama
    Love the hexies?  This is the tutorial for you.

    diy keychain
    Leather Dad Keychain from Lydia Out Loud
    These quick DIY ideas are perfect for Dad gifts.

    I hope you have found some inspiration today with all these different DIY keychains.  

    Create your own diy keychain with these 15+ fun project ideas and tutorials.

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