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How to Sew a Dress Bodice

Never sewn a dress before?  

No problem.  We are teaching you how to sew a bodice today.

Learn the steps on how to sew a bodice top for a kids dress.

For this dress bodice we are using the Holly and Ivy Party Dress pattern.  I'll be sharing how to sew a dress bodice to the lining.

how to sew a bodice
Step 1
Place bodice right sides together and stitch around the neckline and down the back.

how to sew a bodice
Step 2
Now, to make the perfect shaped bodice you'll want to grab your scissors.  Make sure to trim all you corners.  

This will help them to make nice points when you turn your bodice.

how to sew a bodice

Step 3
You'll want to clip along the rounded neckline about every 1-2".  

If you are doing the square neckline or sweetheart neckline, make sure to clip into all the points.  This will help them to keep their shape.

how to sew a bodice
Step 4
Now, turn your bodice right side out and press it really well.  Making sure to push all corners and curves out.

how to sew a bodice

Tada!  You did it.  You've learned how to sew a bodice with a lining.

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Holly & Ivy Party Dress Sew-Along - Day 2

This week we are sewing up the Holly and Ivy Party Dress pattern.  Here is what we have covered so far:
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