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Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

When I was a girl, my mother did a very unusual thing for her.  She got out her sewing machine.  My mother never sewed when I was a child.  But I remember her getting out her machine just before Christmas to make.....a tree skirt.

This tree skirt was pretty traditional.  It was made from plaid fabric with a cute ruffle on the bottom in the same material.  She was very proud of her finished tree skirt.  She kept it for years and years.

christmas tree skirt pattern free
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    A few years after I got married, she gave me that tree skirt.  She didn't use it anymore but couldn't just give it to anyone.  We used that tree skirt for several years until we bought one, that we don't love but works a bit better for our tree.

    For the last few years, I've wanted to make a skirt for one of our smaller trees.  I've made our No Sew Tree Skirt which is fast and worked but it wasn't what I wanted.

    DIY christmas tree skirt

    This year is the year!  I came up with the idea to make a DIY Christmas tree skirt but to make it reversible.  That way I can change it up each year and not feel like I need to hang on to 4 or 5 different tree skirts.

    free christmas tree skirt pattern

    For this project, I'm make a skirt for my 3" Christmas tree.  The skirt only needs to have a circumference of about 36" when it is finished.  Which means with the ruffle, there is some math involved.  But I've put together a little cutting chart to help you out.

    Once you've made your tree skirt you can easily add matching mini stockings to hang on your tree.

    VIDEO:  Reversible DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

    Sew up a reversible DIY Christmas tree skirt and keep your holiday decorations fresh from year to year.

    How to Sew a Tree Skirt

    Materials Needed

    Cutting Instructions

    Tree Skirt Cutting Chart
    Skirt DiameterCenter diameterRuffle
    6-8 ft tree56"7"200" x 6.5"
    4ft-6ft Tree48"5"200" x 6.5"
    2-3ft tree36"5"150" x 6.5"
    Mini Tree18"3-4"75" x 6.5"

    Reversible Tree Skirt Tutorial

    DIY christmas tree skirt
    Step 1
    Fold the main fabric and lining in quarters.  Draw a curved line from the corner to the folded edge.  This will make the round of the skirt.  Make sure the line measures the same length from corner to corner.

    christmas tree skirt pattern free
    Step 2
    Cut the skirt pieces on the curve.  Cut a smaller curve at the top corner of the skirt.  Use a round edge to help make the center circle.

    tree skirt diy
    Step 3
    Place the two skirt pieces with right sides together.  Cut from the bottom edge to the center in a straight line.

    free christmas tree skirt pattern DIY christmas tree skirt
    Step 4
    Place 2 of the ruffle pieces with right sides together and match the short edge.  Stitch across at 1/4" seam allowance.  Repeat this step with the remaining ruffle pieces.  Press.

    christmas tree skirt pattern free
    Step 5
    Fold the ruffle piece in half with right sides together, matching the long edge. 

    Change stitch length on your machine to the longest stitch.  Sew a gathering stitch across the ruffle edge.  It is best to sew several separate gathering stitches to make it easier to gather later.  Learn how to gather fabric.

    DIY christmas tree skirt
    Step 6
    Gather ruffles by pulling the bobbin thread of the stitches and carefully pulling the fabric together.  

    tree skirt diy
    Step 7
    Open the bottom edge of the skirt and sandwich the ruffle pieces in between, matching the raw edges of the ruffle to the bottom raw edge of the skirt pieces.  Pin together.

    free christmas tree skirt pattern
    Step 8
    Sandwich two pieces of 20" long ribbon between the layers down the cut opening of the skirt.  Pin in place.  Repeat with opposite side.

    DIY christmas tree skirt
    Step 9
    Mark a 3-4" opening on one of the short cut edges of the skirt.  Stitch around the entire skirt, down one of the cut edges and around the center opening.  

    Trim corners and threads.  Press stitching.

    tree skirt tutorial
    Step 10
    Turn skirt right side out through the opening.  Stitch opening closed.  Press s

    free christmas tree skirt pattern

    Tie up those ribbons and you have a finished reversible DIY Christmas tree skirt.

    Isn't great that you can use this skirt for years and years without needing to change up your entire Christmas theme.  Just a simple flip of the skirt and you have a different color scheme or theme.

    DIY christmas tree skirt

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