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No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

"Can I please have my own Christmas tree, Mom?" My daughter begged and begged.

How was I suppose to figure that one out?  A 7 year old does not need her own Christmas tree.  Even if she does have a birthday during December.  Even if she LOVES Christmas lights.  Even if I could buy a cheap one from the dollar store.

"Okay, fine.  You can have your own Christmas tree."  I replied.  I knew it wouldn't just make her happy.  It would be a memory for years to come that should would cherish.

Craft your own diy mini Christmas tree skirt with this simple no sew tutorial.

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And the tree was like 12 inches high.  A dresser Christmas tree I could handle.

Now to come up with an easy diy mini Christmas tree skirt to hide the ugly stand and keep those ornaments from rolling off the top of the dresser.

I knew I was not going to spend a ton of money.  Luckily, we found some super cute pom pom fringe that we could use on some felt we already had on hand at home.

This project was going to be way easier than I had imagined.

Craft your own diy mini Christmas tree skirt with this simple no sew tutorial.

DIY Mini Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Materials Needed

no sew christmas tree skirt

Step 1

Fold a piece of felt into quarters.  You want one corner of the felt to have all the folds.  

Draw a curve along the bottom.  I use a tape measure to down 5 inches and move the tape measure around so that the curve is 5" all the way across.

simple christmas tree skirt

Step 2

Cut out the curve you just drew.


Step 3

Use a hot glue gun to apply the pom pom fringe around the base of the felt tree skirt.

diy mini christmas tree skirt

Step 4

Fold the tree skirt into quarters again.  Draw another curve on the top corner where all the folds meet.  It should be about 1/2 from the top.

Cut across the curve through all the layers.

small tree skirt ideas

Step 5

Open the tree skirt.  Cut a slit from the bottom into the middle to allow the skirt to fit around the tree.

Optional:  Add additional pom poms around the top of the tree skirt opening.

diy mini christmas tree skirt

There you have it.  Super fast.  Super simple and super cute diy mini Christmas tree skirt.

Of course, you could easily adapt this for a larger tree.  Just measure from the tree stand to the outside of the tree to get a radius.  Use that to figure out the circumference of your tree skirt.

Craft your own diy mini Christmas tree skirt with this simple no sew tutorial.

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