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DIY Mario Hat (and Luigi)

"It's a Me, Mario!" he yelled, as he ran across the living room.  It was his favorite quote and to this day we can hear him say it.

Who is that, you ask?  Our oldest son, Turner.  He passed away in 2022.  It has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to bear.  But we've found, cherishing what he loved is helping us heal.

diy mario hat
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    That being said, Turner LOVED Mario.  Everything Mario.  From games, to books and comics, to stuffed animals, stickers and toys.  If it had Mario on it, he was a fan.

    It all started when he was 2 years old and he never looked back.  Naturally, over the years we had to figure out how to get him Mario gear because it wasn't readily available in the U.S.  

    We ordered from overseas or would spend months looking in stores for stuffed animals. Mom resorted to creating her own Mario t-shirts (or Princess Peach for sister).

    mario costume diy

    So in 2012 when he asked to be Mario for Halloween, we had to get creative.  That's when this DIY Mario Hat (and subsequent Luigi hat) was born.

    Yes, I am saying that this pattern started 10 years ago!!  It has been on the list to share that long.  But now, in honor of our sweet angel boy, you are getting it today!!

    diy mario hat

    We hope your little ones, or even those grown up ones, will get as much joy out of it as our sweet boy did his caps.  They are mess, pilling, and worn down with age, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

    DIY Mario Hat Tutorial

    Make your own Super Mario Bros cap with this free DIY Mario Hat sewing pattern.

    Materials Needed

    This is a one sizes fits all pattern.  It should fit heads sizes 20-22".  The optional elastic can help tighten the cap if needed for small heads.

    diy mario hat
    Step 1
    Print out the pattern (get at end of post).  Cut out pattern pieces.  Cut 6 felt cap pieces, 6 lining pieces, 2 cap brim pieces and one white logo piece.

    diy mario hat
    Step 2
    Cut out the letter in the center of the logo pattern, either the M or the L.

    mario costume diy
    Step 3
    Trace the letter to the wrong side of the white felt logo piece.  The "L" needs to be backwards.  This way the fabric marker is on the wrong side of the fabric when sewing and can't be seen.

    diy luigi costume
    Step 4
    Cut the letter out of the felt.

    diy mario hat
    Step 5
    Place the logo about 1.5" from the bottom edge of one of the cap felt pieces.  It should be centered.  Stitch around the letter and the outside circle.

    diy mario costume
    Step 6
    Place 2 cap top pieces with RST and stitch down one side of the curve.  Repeat with other pieces of the felt cap and for the lining pieces.

    diy mario costume
    Step 7
    Open the cap felt pieces and place them with RST and stitch along one side.  Repeat with lining pieces.

    mario costume diy
    Step 8
    Open the cap felt pieces and place them with RST and stitch along the top curve.  Repeat with lining pieces.

    diy mario hat
    Step 9
    Place the two cap brim pieces with right sides together (RST).  Stitch at 1/4" around the curved edge of the brim.

    how to make luigi hat
    Step 10
    Turn brim right side out and finger press the seam.

    diy mario costume
    Step 11
    With RST, match the brim edge to the raw edge of the front of the hat.  The logo should be centered over the brim.  

    Stitch the brim to the cap.

    diy mario hat
    Step 12
    With RST, place the felt cap inside of the lining.  Match all the seams and pin.  Mark a 3" opening on the back of the cap to allow for turning later.

    how to make luigi hat
    Step 13
    Turn the cap right side out through the hole in the back of the cap.  Press.  Stitch the opening closed.

    Optional:  If the cap seems a bit big, stretch the elastic along the inside of the back of the cap and stitch it down.  This will add a gather that helps keep the hat from falling off.

    That's it!  Now you have your own diy Mario hat that you can add to a costume, wear to your next family adventure or just enjoy playing around the house.

    diy super mario costume

    Want the super bros cap pattern?  

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    Make your own Super Mario Bros cap with this free DIY Mario Hat sewing pattern.


    1. Your sweet boy looked so happy with these hats. Thank you for sharing his memory with us. Many hugs xx

    2. I am so sorry for your loss of a very special boy he looks such a Happy Boy to be the model of his hats and looks good in both of them I will try and make his hat I’m new to sewing


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