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How to Make Easy Fabric Coasters

Our kitchen smells like peppermint about 90% of the time.

Why?  You might ask.  Well, my husband LOVES peppermint tea.  

At least twice a day he is heating up the kettle and making tea.  But with that comes my children, who now believe they need peppermint tea 24 hours a day.

how to make easy fabric coasters
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    Which means I have to protect my furniture from spills and rings of condensation.  I do this by sewing up some diy fabric coasters.  

    Yep, I'm taking all that amazing fabric stash of mine and putting it to good use sewing coasters for every table and hardwood surface in my house.  So far, so good.

    But what is the benefit of a fabric coaster?  For me, ease of use.  But let me answer a few of your questions about how to make easy fabric coasters.

    What are fabric coasters?

    Fabric coasters are 4-5 inch squares of layered fabric that are used to keep condensation from beverage cups off of table tops.  Fabric coasters are a great way to add your own personality to your home with just a bit of sewing and creativity.

    Are fabric coasters good?

    Fabric coasters are a great beginner sewing project.  They allow for new sewists to work on sewing straight lines, as well as, learning to sew square corners.

    Plus, they keep your tables from getting rings from glasses, mugs and cups.  AND they are washable.

    Coaster sewing pattern

    What is the best material to make coasters out of?

    DIY fabric coasters can be made from cotton fabrics, linens, and even some knits.  Look for a material that will absorb moisture and will lay nice and flat once sewn.

    I personally love the cotton fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop.  They have a large selection of beautiful fabrics that can fit any personality or d├ęcor style.

    What kind of batting do you use for coasters?

    The batting you use for coasters can vary.  I personally like to use 100% cotton batting with any material that becomes hot. Polyester battings can melt if they get to hot and I just don't like taking chances.

    However, if your coasters will be for just cold drinks with condensation, you can use a lightweight polyester quilt batting.

    Learn how to make easy fabric coasters with this step by step tutorial.

    How to make fabric coasters

    Materials Needed

    fabric coasters pattern
    Step 1
    Use pattern pieces to cut out 3 squares in main fabric and 1 square in contrasting fabric.  You'll also need to cut out 1 piece of batting.

    If you'd rather not print the pattern, each of the squares is a 5" x 5" square.

    Coaster sewing pattern
    Step 2
    Place one of main fabric pieces and the contrasting fabric piece with right sides together.

    Using a straight ruler, place it at a diagonal across the two pieces from corner to corner.  Mark the line with a fabric pen.

    how to make easy fabric coasters
    Step 3
    Place the two pieces on the sewing machine.  Line the edge presser foot up to the marked line.  Stitch the two coaster pieces together.

    diy fabric coasters
    Step 4
    Repeat Step 3 but on the other side of the line.  When you are finished sewing, you should have a stitch on either side of the marked line.

    fabric coasters
    Step 5
    Use the ruler and a rotary cutter to cut the two sections apart.  Now you have two tops for two coasters.

    fabric coaster instructions
    Step 6
    Press the coaster tops flat.

    Sewing coasters
    Step 7
    To sew the coaster, you'll need one of the diagonal coaster tops, one of the main pieces and one of the batting.

    diy fabric coasters
    Step 8
    Place the two coaster pieces with right sides together.  Place the batting over the top of both pieces.

    Mark a 1.5" opening in the middle of one side of the square.  You can mark with a fabric pen or with straight pins.

    The pieces will need to be trimmed down to match the diagonal coaster top.

    Stitch around the square in a 1/4" seam allowance.  Leaving the marked opening open.  Make sure to sew square corners around the sachet.

    Trim threads and clip the corners of your square.  

    fabric coasters
    Step 9
    Turn right side out.  Push the corners out.  Press.  Topstitch around the edge of the coaster.

    Repeat Steps 7-9 for the second coaster.

    See how easy it was to sew up your own diy fabric coaster.  

    Now you can sew enough for every table in your house and ensure no peppermint tea ends up ruining your furniture.

    diy fabric coasters

    Want the free fabric coaster sewing pattern?  Simply click the button below to download.

    Learn how to make easy fabric coasters with this step by step tutorial.


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