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Quick Elastic Fabric Bookmark

Where are my avid readers?  You know who you are.

You're the people that rush to get chores done or kids down for bed so you can sit and read a book.  Or perhaps you just ignore all adulting because you are in the middle of the most important and life changing part in the main characters story.

I hear you!  I'm one of you.  I LOVE a good book.
elastic bookmark
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    Lately I've been reading a lot more on my Kindle instead of hardback books.  But I still really enjoy getting books from the library or ordering hardback books of my favorite authors.

    That is why I really love this quick and easy elastic bookmark project.  You can create a unique and custom bookmark for yourself, a friend, teacher or your kids.  They keep you from loosing your place in your book and they don't damage books.

    Sew your own elastic bookmark with this quick fabric bookmark tutorial.

    You could even alter the measurements to make a bookmark for a textbook.  

    This bookmark also keeps your book open.  So if you are outside and the pages keep blowing in the wind, BAM, the bookmark will keep them in place.

    elastic bookmark

    Plus, this is another super quick beginner friendly sewing project.  Perfect for kids and adults alike.  You'll work on sewing straight lines and sewing buttons.  Great skills.

    VIDEO: How to Make Elastic Bookmarks


    Elastic Bookmark Tutorial

    Materials Needed

    elastic bookmark
    Step 1
    Cut a strip of fabric that is 18" x 2.5".

    how to make elastic bookmarks
    Step 2
    Fold the fabric with right sides together along the long edge.  Stitch down the long edge at 1/4".

    elastic band bookmarks
    Step 3
    Using a bodkin or a safety pin, turn the fabric tube right side out.  Press the tube flat with the seam in the center of one side.

    ribbon and button bookmarks

    Step 4
    Tuck the raw edges of the bookmark into the "tube".  Press.  Repeat with opposite side of the bookmark.

    If you don't have fabric, you could also use a 1" wide piece of ribbon for this project.  Just make sure to finish the edges of the ribbon by folding up the raw edges.

    fabric bookmark with elastic

    Step 5
    Cut a 3" piece of 1/4" elastic.  Fold it in half.  Tuck the raw edges of the elastic into one end of the fabric bookmark.  Stitch across the edge of the bookmark.

    Note:  The 3" piece is great for short chapter books.  You will want a 4-5" piece of elastic if you read larger novels.

    elastic band bookmarks
    Step 6
    Sew a button to the end of the opposite fabric piece.  You can hand sew it or you can use your sewing machine to sew the button.

    fabric bookmark with elastic
    Step 7

    Wrap the elastic around the button to close off the bookmark.

    elastic bookmarks

    You did it!  Wasn't that super easy.  Now you can make loads of elastic bookmarks for gifts for everyone in your life.

    Want an other bookmark options?  Check out a printable Harry Potter bookmark or our DIY Fabric Bookmarks.

    Sew your own elastic bookmark with this quick fabric bookmark tutorial.

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