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DIY Fabric Bookmark

"Don't fold the corners!"  This was one of the many words of wisdom I remember from my childhood librarian.  

I vividly remember learning the importance of taking care of books and not marring them with wrinkles and creased pages.
how to make a bookmark out of fabric
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    Of course, as a teen and into adulthood, I ignored this advice and would tab my pages in the corner by folding them.  {She would have hated me.}

    Now, I use a bookmark or in most cases I read digital books on my phone or Kindle.  But on the rare occasion I have a hardbound book, I love a good bookmark like this easy diy fabric bookmark.

    Why a fabric bookmark, you might ask?  Because I love to sew and I love to read.  Why not put the two together?!

    But really, fabric bookmarks are just super easy and a great way to use up those scraps you have accumulated over the years.  Plus, you probably have what you need on hand if you are anything like me.
    Before we get started sewing, let's answer some frequently asked questions about these corner fabric bookmarks.

    Fabric bookmarks

    What material is best for bookmarks?

    Bookmarks can be made from all types of materials including paper, cardstock and fabric.  Fabric is a great alternative to paper products because it won't rip or tear with overuse.

    How to make fabric bookmarks stiff?

    Fabric bookmarks can easily be made stiff by using a fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric before sewing.  

    There are different weights on interfacing.  The heavier the weight, the more stiff the bookmark can be.

    Just be carefully not to use to stiff of an interfacing or you may end up with a bulky bookmark.

    How to make a corner bookmark?

    Corner bookmarks are easily made with a couple of square pieces of fabric sewn together.  In the tutorial below, you'll get step by step instructions on how to sew your own.

    Save your spot in your favorite book with this easy tutorial on how to make a simple fabric bookmark.

    How to Make a Simple Fabric Bookmark

    Materials Needed

    how to make a bookmark out of fabric
    Step 1
    Cut three squares of fabric 4" x 4".

    make a fabric bookmark
    Step 2
    Press interfacing to the wrong sides of the fabric.

    diy fabric bookmark
    Step 3
    Fold one of the squares in a diagonal with wrong sides together.  Press.

    Topstitch down the folded side.

    Sewing bookmarks
    Step 4
    Line up the bottoms of the diagonals with the bottom of one of the bookmark pieces.  

    how to make a bookmark out of fabric
    Step 5
    Place the other bookmark piece over the top of the square and diagonal piece.  Pin in place.

    Mark a 1.5" opening in the middle of one side of the square.  You can mark with a fabric pen or with straight pins.

    Stitch around the entire bookmark at 1/4".

    make a fabric bookmark
    Step 6
    Turn bookmark right side out.  Push the corners out.  Close the bookmark and topstitch around the edge.

    how to make fabric corner bookmarks

    Want the free DIY fabric bookmark sewing pattern?  Simply click the button below.

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