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Year Round Pot Holder Patterns

If you were to visit my house, the two most likely places you'd find me is at my sewing machine or in my kitchen.

I tend to spend a lot of time cooking and baking.  It is a bit of a stress reliever for me.  Plus, good food doesn't just show up on the table each night.

When I combine my love for cooking with sewing, I end up with a LOT of kitchen sewing projects.  But I don't mind.  My kitchen can always use some color, fun season projects and even new holiday d├ęcor.

Start sewing for your kitchen with these creative pot holder patterns.
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That's why I love to make pot holder patterns.  They add a little something to my kitchen and let's face it, we can all use new pot holders and hot pads.  They get yucky very quickly.

Each of these projects is unique, fairly simple and perfect for sprucing up your kitchen and dining room.  

I hope you'll find some inspiration and be able to make your own kitchen pot holders.

Sewing Materials for Pot Holders

One question I often get from readers is what materials they will need in order to make their own pot holders and hot pads.  You really don't need a lot of specialty fabrics and notions to make pot holders, but there are a few guidelines I'd suggest.

First, use 100% cotton fabrics, batting and thread as much as possible.  Heat causes fibers to melt or catch fire.  If you want your hot pads to last the longest, cotton is the best for this.

pot holder patterns

You can find 100% cotton fabrics and 100% cotton thread at most fabric retailers.  You'll need to look at the end of the bolt or in the online product description to be sure it is 100% cotton.

easy pot holder pattern to sew
When it comes to batting, there are several options you can use.  You can use Warm and White or Warm and Natural which is a 100% cotton batting.  You may need a couple of layers of this batting to make it work best.

Another option is to use Insul-Bright.  This is designed specifically for use on warm and cold surface projects.  

Those are the basic materials you'll need to sew a pot holder.  If there are other materials needed, the tutorials will list them.  Items like bias tape or heat n' bond.


Easy Pot Holder Patterns

pot holder patterns
Pumpkin Pot Holder from Sew Simple Home
Fall Leaf Pot Holder from Sew Simple Home

hot pad patterns

pot holder patterns

pot holder sewing patterns

 Start sewing for your kitchen with these creative pot holder patterns.

Start sewing for your kitchen with these creative pot holder patterns.

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  1. Hi Chelsea, that's a great roundup and I love the pumpkin and fall leaf combo! I'll need to make them for the fall!
    I've recently published this easy hot pat tutorial (with VIDEO), and it might be a good addition to your roundup.


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