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The Easiest Baby Doll Diaper Pattern

A few weeks ago my daughter decided that her baby dolls needed a lot more stuff.

For instance, more baby doll clothes patterns and even a little baby doll basket for a place to sleep.

Naturally, she insisted that her doll needed the appropriate bum coverage.  That's why I'm sharing this doll diaper pattern.

doll diaper pattern

Because if you have a sassy 7 year old like I do and begs for all the doll accessories, then you gotta work it out.

I really didn't want to take a ton of time to make these diapers.  Why?  She already has me making a bunch of other doll projects, so one that is easy, quick and inexpensive is a must.

doll diaper pattern

This simple pattern comes in 3 sizes.  The biggest size will fit a Cabbage Patch doll, where the smallest size will fit a baby alive doll.

Let's get sewing.

Dress that baby doll with this super simple felt doll diaper pattern.

DIY Baby Doll Diaper Pattern

Materials Needed
  • Baby Doll Diaper Pattern- download the pattern for free at the end of the post
  • 1 piece of white felt
  • 1" of velcro
  • Matching thread

doll diaper pattern
Step 1
Cut out the diaper pattern in a piece of felt.

how to make a fake diaper   doll diaper pattern
Step 2
Place the scratchy side or hook side of the Velcro on either side of inside back of the diaper.  You can place them their with hot glue to keep them in place.

Stitch the Velcro to the diaper.

If you are new to sewing Velcro, check out our step by step post on how to sew hook and loop tape.

felt doll diaper pattern   felt doll diaper pattern
 Step 3
Place the other side of the Velcro on the front outside of the felt.

Stitch in place.

Note:  If you used felt, the hooks on the Velcro will actually stick right to the felt.  If you really don't want to sew more, you can not do step 3.

cabbage patch doll diapers
 Step 4
Place the velcro over the felt.  It should stick easily.

That's it!!  See how easy that was.  You can make a ton of diapers for all those baby dolls.

baby doll cloth diapers

Want the free baby doll diaper pattern?  Simply click the button below to download the pattern to your device.

Love sewing for your dolls?  Make sure to check out even more doll clothes patterns.  

Dress that baby doll with this super simple felt doll diaper pattern.

How about some doll clothes to go with that diaper?  

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    1. do you archive your patterns. I am looking for infant or baby doll patterns. I prefer an artist pattern as opposed to a commercial pattern. I have printed out the baby bed pattern and notice you make reference to baby doll clothes. They don't necessarily have to be free patterns. I appreciate the time invested in your creations.

      1. I've got a couple of baby doll patterns. I have a free cabbage patch pattern and just released some free peasant dress patterns.

    2. Thank you Chelsea, for the doll clothes patterns. I appreciate the clear instructions, and the small amount of paper used to print the instructions and patterns.


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