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How to sew Velcro or Hook & Loop Tape Closures

My hands had gotten all clammy.  And I was pretty sure I had broken out in a little sweat.  I knew it was silly to be nervous, I mean it was only asking me to sew a zipper.

I just couldn't do it!!  I wasn't ready yet.

Instead, I decided to go with a little less scary of a sewing closure....Velcro.
Learn how to sew velcro to fabric for bags, cases and other simple sewing projects.
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Yep, for a long time zippers were scary for me.  Do zippers scary you?  I get it.  I totally do.

And frankly, sometimes they are just a pain to add to some projects.  Why not learn how to sew Velcro instead and substitute it when you can?

That's right, hook and loop tape aka Velcro, can be substituted in many projects and patterns for a zipper.  Not always, but it is a practical and great sewing skill to have.

Let's answer a couple questions about hook and loop tape to start out.  This is another great lesson to add to our learning to sew course.

how to sew velcro
What is Hook and Loop tape?
You probably know it as "Velcro" but that is just a brand name.  Hook and Loop tape is probably the easier closure you can use. 

Hook and loop tape is a fastener that allows one side of a project to connect to the other side.

What types of hook and loop tape are there?
There are really two main types of hook and loop tape.  Sew in tape or sticky tape.

Sew in tape is used for sewing on fabrics and felts.  There is no sticky side and it has to be attached using a sewing machine.

Sticky hook and loop tape has an adhesive backing on both sides of the tape.  This allows the user to attach it to smooth surfaces.  It is not advised to sew on sticky back tape.  The adhesive will stick to your needle an jam your machine.

how to sew on velcro straps

How does hook and loop tape work?
Velcro, or hook and loop tape has two sides.  One side has the "hooks" that are scratchy and rough; the other side has "loops" that are soft and kind of fluffy.

When put together the hooks grab onto the loops and create a grip between the materials.  

Hook and Loop tape takes a minimal amount of sewing and it holds up really well in most instances.  It works great for bags and craft projects and can be used on clothing but it isn't the most comfortable of choices.

Where do I buy hook and loop tape?
You can buy Velcro, or hook and loop tape at most craft stores and many grocery stores sell varying types as well.  Some places online you can purchase:

  • Amazon sells many varieties in both sew on and sticky
  • JoAnn Fabric sells them online and in the store
  • Many sellers on Etsy sell lots of styles and colors of hook and loop tape
  • Walmart also sells lots of Velcro.  You can even order it with grocery pick up and get it the same day without leaving your car.

Now one more bit of advice.  Your sewing needle.  You'll want to make sure that the needle you use in your machine can handle sewing through the thick tape.  

I would suggest at least using a size 12.  Otherwise, you'll probably break a needle.  

Now that you know what hook and loop tape is, let me walk you through the simple steps today of sewing Velcro to fabric.

How to Sew Velcro

Materials Needed

You always want to reference your pattern before sewing to know how much hook and loop tape you'll need.  Most often it is a small amount.

how to sew velcro
Step 1
Separate your hook and loop tape.  Decide which side will get the hooks and which the loops.  

It your tape is being used on clothing, you'll want to take a moment to think which side might come in contact with skin.  Choose the loop side of the tape to touch the skin.  

Step 2
Place one side of the tape on your fabric.  It is always smart to first mark where your tape will be placed with a fabric pen.  

Either pin your tape to the fabric or you can use a bit of hot glue or super glue to keep it from moving. 

how to sew hook and loop
Step 3
Stitch a box around the tape and then place a criss-cross or "X" in the middle.  

This adds strength and keeps your tape from separating from the fabric.  
how do you attach velcro to fabric
You don't always need to do the criss-cross.  Like on these Bow Ties.  

However, that is only because I wanted to reduce a little of the bulk of a seam.  I almost always do the criss-cross.

hook and loop tape for sewing

Step 4
Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the opposite side of the hook and loop tape.

how to attach velcro to fabric
You've just sewn hook and loop tape.  Wasn't that the easiest thing in the world.  

Learning how to sew Velcro is super easy.  Now that you know how, how about we make a fun velcro project like this easy felt baby diaper or this easy reusable snack bag.

Learn how to sew velcro to fabric for bags, cases and other simple sewing projects.

Learn how to sew velcro to fabric for bags, cases and other simple sewing projects.


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