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Free Baby Doll Bassinet PDF Sewing Pattern

"Mom, she's crying," my daughter said to me while holding her brand new baby alive doll.

I wasn't sure why that should concern me.  "I'm sorry sweetheart.  What are you going to do?"  I responded.

"Baby Lilly doesn't have a bed Mom!  She needs a bed!" she cried.

Free Baby Doll Bassinet PDF Sewing Pattern
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I will admit I was a bit surprised by her request.  I mean baby dolls cry for all different reasons.

But what would it hurt to come up with a fun baby doll Moses basket pattern that we could share with the readers.  Not only would her crying baby be satisfied, but we'd have a fun project to add to our other baby doll projects.

baby basket pattern

This pattern is actually really easy to sew.  But let me give you a tip to help you be most successful.

Make sure to pick a good thick interfacing.  You can use either a fusible interfacing or a fleece interfacing.  Either will work for this project, but you want to make sure they are nice a stiff to help keep the shape of your bassinet.

Use this baby doll moses basket pattern to create your own carrier for all those sweet baby dolls.

Another tip to save on fabric, some of the measurements for the bassinet are extremely long.  To use the yardage you have, you can cut several smaller lengths of the middle rectangle, ruffles or bias tape and sew them together.

Free Baby Doll Moses Basket Pattern

Materials Needed

baby doll basket  baby doll moses basket
Step 1
Cut out bassinet pieces mirror to each other.  Add interfacing to the backs of all the bassinet pieces.  

Pin one of the main bassinet sides to the middle rectangle piece.  Stitch down the curve, across the straight bottoms and up the short end.

Repeat with opposite side of the bassinet.

If the middle piece is a bit longer than the sides, simply trim the extra fabric down to match the bassinet sides.

baby doll basket pattern free
Step 2
Repeat Step 1 with the lining pieces.  Stitch in a layer of fleece interfacing for extra body and support.

doll basket  doll basket pattern
Step 2
Fold the strap in half with right sides together along the long side.  Stitch down the long side at 1/4".

Turn the strap right side out and press.

baby doll basket tutorial
Step 3
Turn the raw ends of the strap 1/2" inside the strap.  Tuck one strap end inside the other.  Stitch them together.

You should now have one round strap.

american girl doll basket
Step 4
Pin the strap around the main bassinet.  Stitch the strap to the bassinet.

Make sure to watch the video in the post to see how easy it is to stitch on the strap.

doll carrier sewing pattern  how to make a doll basket
Step 5
With wrong sides together, place the lining inside the main bassinet.  Pin the layers together.  Stitch all the layers together at 1/4".

moses basket patterns free
Step 6
Take the rectangle and hem one end by turning one of the raw edges up 1/4" and press.  Turn it again 1/2" and press.  Stitch.

Sew a gathering stitch down the center to add the ruffling.

baby doll moses basket pattern
Step 7
Stitch ruffle to the right side of the bassinet.  You may need to trim down the raw edges of the bassinet and ruffle to make everything line up nicely.

baby basket pattern
Step 8
Pin the bias tape to the wrong side of the bassinet edge.  Stitch a single layer of bias tape.

doll bassinet pattern
Step 9
Turn the bias tape towards the front of the bassinet.  Stitch over the raw edge of the gathers and bassinet.

And you are done!!!  You have a cute baby bassinet for that sweet baby doll.

baby doll moses basket pattern

Now that baby doll won't be crying because she doesn't have anywhere to sleep.  Although she might cry because she needs a diaper change.  Make sure to make her some cloth baby doll diapers too.

I have tried this bassinet on several dolls.  Yes, it only comes in one size, but her Baby Alive, Cabbage Patch Doll and her 18" princess dolls all fit nicely in the bassinet.  In case you need reference.

baby doll moses basket pattern

Now it is your turn!!

Want the free baby doll Moses basket pattern?  Simply click the button below to download the pattern for free.

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Use this baby doll moses basket pattern to create your own carrier for all those sweet baby dolls.

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    1. This is too lovely! Thank you very much.

    2. Thank you so much for posting this - what seam allowance did you use?

    3. link for baby doll clothes pattern is to e non-existing site

      1. Just checked the link and updated it. Try this one

    4. How much fusible fleece should I buy?

      1. I'd say 1/2 yard would be enough. You'll need it to cover the two basket sides and the center piece.

    5. I purchased both fusible fleece and some pretty stiff heavyweight interfacing - which do you recommend I use? I didn't know if I use both types or if I just pick one (and which one would hold shape better for the bed/sew easier since I'm a beginner).

      1. I would use both. You want bassinet to be pretty stiff. I use interfacing on the main fabric and fusible fleece on the lining.

    6. Hi am i kissing a pattern piece for rectangle and straps or if anyone can tell me the sizes that would be a great help

      1. The rectangle measurements are in the printed PDf Pattern.


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