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FREE Christmas Wish List and Letter to Santa Printables

"It came!  Santa wrote me back, Mom!!"

She was so surprised and excited.  And I'll admit, so was I.  In fact, I was a little teary.

My 5 year old at the time had been begging us for months about a Christmas present she REALLY wanted.  She sat down one day and wrote a letter to Santa.

Get ready for the holiday season with this free Christmas wish list printable and write to Santa Claus with the blank Santa letter template and stamps.

It was around Thanksgiving and my sister was in town.  She took it and put it in the mailbox and we thought nothing else of it.

But weeks later, BAM!!  A real letter from Santa appeared in the mailbox.  Our mail carrier and amazing mail staff had made sure Santa sent back a reply with a sweet surprise.

Well of course, our kids were hooked now!  I think they'd have written Santa a letter every day for the rest of their lives if I would let them.

Instead, this year I put together a blank Santa letter template and a Christmas wish list printable for each of my little ones to fill out.

That way at least we could control how many letters to Santa they might write.

And of course, I had to share them here.  Since my children can't possibly be the only ones begging to write Santa every day.

santa letter template free

Blank Santa letter template and a Christmas wish list printable

Materials Needed
  • Printer
  • Copy Paper
  • Free blank Santa letter template - free to download at the end of the post
  • Christmas wish list printable - also at the end of the post
  • Pen or Pencil
christmas wish list printable

To start, print out your favorite free printable Christmas wish list.  We've created 3 different versions.  This way each child can have their own or at least pick one they like the best.

free printable christmas wish list free printable christmas wish listchristmas wish list printable

Next, you can print of the Santa letter template for free.  It is a blank template so a child can write what they'd like (or a parent).  

There is also a blank box so they can draw a picture for Santa.  Just in case he might need a little help figuring out what exactly they are asking.

blank santa letter template 

Once their letter is written and in the envelope, they can add one of these special stamps to their envelope.  To ensure their letter gets to the North Pole.

I know my children get very frustrated if they don't get a stamp for their letter to Santa.  Now they can put as many stamps as they want on their letter.

Santa letter template

We try hard every year to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  But there is so much magic to be shared when we involve Santa as well.

We also encourage our children to thank Santa and to ask for gifts for others as well.  So they are thinking outside of themselves during the holiday season.

blank santa letter template

I hope this blank Santa letter template and a Christmas wish list printable will inspire your family to spend time together this holiday season.

Want the free printables?  Simply click the buttons below to download right to your computer.

Get this simple Santa letter template free simply by downloading the printable

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