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Printable Teacher Gift Tags

One of the many traditions we had in our family growing up was to give our school and church teachers a little Christmas gift.  Most years it ended up being a candycane with a little tag.  But we LOVED giving out this small treat to say "thank you".  This is a tradition I have continued on with my children with these printable teacher gift tags.  


Printable Teacher Christmas Gift Tags GYCT

Because teachers are SO important.   I mean who else is going to put up with your kids for hours and hours each day and STILL love them.  Other than you of course. 

Of course, I figured my children would have a teacher or two.  Little did I know!!  My son has 2 school teachers PLUS about 5 aids AND his bus driver and bus aid.  Then he has his 2 church teachers and we can't forget his gymnastics teacher.  So for just him we need 12 gifts!!!  

So of course I wanted something simple, inexpensive but also meaningful.  That's why I love these printable teacher gift tags.

Printable Teacher Christmas Gift Tags

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I've seen this quote before and knew it would be the perfect addition to this fun little project.  I mean, honestly, can any really live on just apples?  NO!!  We NEED cookies or brownies.  And if you are on the apple only bandwagon, I apologize, but I gotta have my brownies.

The greatest part about this project, my children could help put them together and all I have to do is print.

Materials Needed

Click on the supplies above for links to items I used for my project.  Many of the supplies I purchased I got from our local dollar store. 

Printable Teacher Christmas Gift Tags GYCT

Once you've got your supplies, simply assembly them by tucking the cookie mix and the spoon into the oven mitt.  You can also use a pot holder that has a pocket.  That would be super cute.

Next, print the teacher gift tags.  You can print them and add them with ribbon or do like I did and print them on sticker labels and then attach them right to the tag already on the oven mitt.  Super easy.  (Here's a link to the exact labels I used.)

Printable Teacher Christmas Gift Tags GYCT

I loved how simple and sweet this gift is.  Plus, I know as a former teacher myself, getting a small token of thanks from a student makes you feel so good.  So go celebrate and thank the teachers in your life with these printable teacher gift tags.

Printable Teacher Christmas Gift Tags GYCT

Print these simple printable teacher gift tags and make your child's teacher feel loved and special this year.