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Christ Centered Christmas Mantel

We tried something new this year.  I've been a bit....disenchanted this year hearing my children talk about Christmas.  I felt like so much of what they were saying was about presents they want, getting new stuff and a bit selfish.  

Yes, I know, they are children.  But I was really concerned about how much they thought they "deserved" for Christmas.  

What ever happened to having a Christ centered Christmas?  Wasn't it all about Jesus' birth?  Why didn't my children see this and talk about it?

Make your home a Christ Centered home this Christmas with this simple mantel idea and free cut files.
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Well, being the parent I realized it was because I hadn't put an emphasis on this.  They talked of Santa and presents but not of the Savior's birth because I hadn't made it a priority.  

So I decided to change that this year.  I grab the Christ Centered Christmas Advent Calendar from the Dating Divas.

Let me just say.  I love this calendar.  I wish they'd pay me to say that.  But they aren't.  I truly just love this calendar.  

Each day has a symbol of Christmas, a scripture and a simple activity you can do as a family.  

Did it take preparation?  Yes, a little bit.  But I prepared a week before Christmas.  I printed everything, put it all in a folder and was ready to go each day.

A Christ Centered Christmas

Christ Centered Christmas

Now, I loved the advent calendar but I really wanted a place in our home that helped remind us each day that Christmas was about Christ.  

I put together our Christ centered Christmas mantel.  It is actually our piano.  But it is the first place you stop when you come into our home.  We walk by it several times a day and it is a great reminder what the season is all about.

I've displayed our Willow Tree Nativity set on our piano for years.  It was a gift from my In-Laws for the first several years of our marriage.  Each year we'd get a new piece of the nativity set.  We love to display it, but much of the time it is overlooked.  Not this year!!

I cut out one of our Holiday Star Buntings to put over the top of the mantel.  It turned out beautifully and adds a simple touch to our nativity set.

Next, I decided to hang up the Christ Centered Christmas advent envelopes on a wooden frame.  I simply strung some red burlap yarn across the frame and used wooden clothes pins to hang each of the envelopes.

Christ Centered Christmas

Finally, one of my favorite projects from the year is the "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him" reverse canvas.  Get the cut files in our Religious Cut File Bundle.

If you've never done a reverse canvas, make sure to check out our reverse canvas tutorial.  They are super simple but can make such an impact on a room, wall or project.  

Another item that I hope to add next year to my mantel is our Mary Did You Know Printable.  With the lyrics of one of my favorite Christmas songs.

10 Ideas for a Christ Centered Christmas
  1. Take treats to a friend or neighbor
  2. Visit a local senior center or nursing home and carol
  3. Read the stories about the Savior's life and ministry
  4. Light the World each day or week with some of these ideas 
  5. Make handmade gifts for the children's hospital
  6. Fill a stocking with treats, gifts or hygiene products to donate to a shelter
  7. Sing hymns each night
  8. Write ways you served others each day on sticky notes and hang them in your home
  9. Do a Random Act of Service for those in your family or friends
  10. Go through toys and clothes and donate them to families in need

Christ Centered Christmas

I love the simplicity of this mantel.  But it also is one of my favorite projects for this holiday.  It helps remind me why we have Christmas and really has helped my children start to recognize more what this time of year means for all of us.  

I'm grateful for the chance we have to celebrate this Christ centered Christmas.

Make your home a Christ centered Christmas this year with this simple mantel idea and free cut files.