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Easy Holiday Cricut Project Ideas + 5 Free Cut Files

It comes on like an itch.  Or a nagging in my brain.

Perhaps it is similar to the need an addict might have to their vice.  You just can't stop thinking about it.

You start pacing, maybe can't sleep or think about it all day while you work.

What vice am I talking about?  Crafting.

Yep, crafting.  Especially during the holidays.
Download these free christmas svg files for Cricut for your holiday crafting projects.
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Usually it is sparked by something I've seen in the store or online.  I say "I can make that" or maybe "That would look great in my house".

Than the thoughts start.  I get the itch and I can't stop thinking about it until I sit down a create.

If you feel like this, perhaps I have the remedy for you.  These free christmas svg files for Cricut or whatever cutting machine you have.

With these you have 5 holiday projects you can do right NOW!!

free christmas svg files for Cricut.

And since you are still reading this, you are probably like me and already have a bunch of blank tees, canvas, towels or plates you can slap any of these designs on.

They make great last minute holiday gifts or even well planned gift ideas.

And when you click to download them you'll also be signed up for our Seasonal Creators Newsletter.  Which means all season long you'll get emails with great crafting ideas to make each week for decor, gifts or just fun.

Now, let me share what 5 free holiday cut files you'll get in your bundle.

You'll get both the SVG file and a PNG file.  You are also welcome to use these files for personal or commercial use.

And don't forget to share your creations in our Sew Simple Home Facebook group.  We love to see how you customize your projects.

Free Christmas SVG Files for Cricut

free christmas svg files for Cricut.
We'll start the holiday season off right with this simple Give Thanks cut file.

Because the best way to show you are grateful is to give thanks every day.  Add this file to towels or a canvas and give in a thoughtful gift basket. 

I love this little reminder to have gratitude.  If you want more gratitude ideas and activities, check out our Gratitude Activities for Families.

free christmas svg files for Cricut.
 This might be my favorite of the 5 cut files.

It looks so pretty on these glass blocks.  Just add fairy lights and it looks beautiful during the day and at night.

free holiday cut files

Make the big guy smile with this Cookies for Santa cut file just for the Man in Red.

Personalize your message with those little ones names.  You could add this to a plate, fun cookie tin, or even as a wall sign for in the kitchen.

free christmas svg files for Cricut.

Remember the reason for the season with the "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him" cut file.

I used this cut file to make a Christ Centered Mantel for our family.

You could use it for centerpieces, Christmas cards or make a reverse canvas project like I did.

free holiday cut files

Lastly, you'll receive this "Winter Wonderland" cut file.

Great for t-shirts, cards, and blankets.  Show your appreciation for winter.

free christmas cut files

Now I am sure you want to know how you can get these free christmas svg files for Cricut.  

Simply sign up for our Seasonal Creators Newsletter below and they'll come right to your inbox.

Check out some of our other great holiday Cricut projects.

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