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DIY Santa Cookie Plate

One Christmas when I was little, Santa brought us a trampoline.  I remember waking up and going into our front room.  We were so excited!  

We ran to our DIY Santa cookie plate to see if Santa had eaten the cookies and drank the milk.  He had of course, but right there next to our Santa plate was a letter from Santa.  He sent us into the backyard where we found the trampoline.  

Of course, we saw footprints and immediately knew that Santa and his reindeer had tried out our trampoline.  It was a magical morning that all started with a cookie plate.
Make your own easy DIY Santa Cookie Plate for setting out cookies Christmas Eve for Santa Claus.  Makes a fun and quick holiday tradition.

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This has always stuck with me.  That Santa plate was our way of communicating with Santa.  

In exchange for a few cookies and some milk, we knew Santa would bring us something wonderful.  

Now that I have my own kids, I've wanted to make an easy DIY Santa cookie plate so they could enjoy that magic too.  But my oldest is 8....and still no plate.

To be frank, most Christmas Eve's we barely remember to put out cookies and milk.  We spend all of Christmas Eve with family and don't end up home until after 10pm usually.  

So it isn't always a top priority at our house.  But this year, my 5 year old is WAY into Christmas and Santa.  She wrote him a letter and our mail carrier straight up brought her a letter this last week from Santa!!  

Neither myself or my husband had anything to do with it.  (You see, Santa is real people!!)  

So she is adamant that she put out the BEST cookies for Santa.

I thought it was about time to finally put together that a DIY Santa cookie plate I've been planning for 8 years.  It wasn't nearly as difficult as I guess the past 8 years has led me to believe.  

Probably because I now have my Cricut Maker and it is AMAZING and makes crafting like a million times more fun and exciting.  I just created a fun little design and today I'm sharing it with you.

Now if you are like me, it isn't hard to make your our DIY Santa cookie plate.  I promise, it is quick and easy.  And if you have a Cricut, you can grab my SVG design as well.  

How to Make a DIY Santa Cookie Plate

Materials Needed

  • Red Plate - I got mine at the dollar store but there are loads on Amazon
  • Cookies for Santa Cut file - head to the bottom of the post to get the file
  • White Permanent Vinyl - I love vinyl from Expressions vinyl
  • Cricut Maker or cutting machine

Step 1
Load Cookies for Santa cut file and cut out on your cutting machine.  Make sure to use a permanent vinyl so that you can wash your plate each year. 

Step 2
If you want to add curved text, type the text in Cricut Design space.

Select the "curved" feature at the top.  Curve your design to fit around your plate.

Step 3
Weed the cut file to remove all the excess pieces.

Step 3
Apply cut design to the plate.

Step 4
Display it throughout the holiday and add cookies on Christmas Eve.

I loved how quick this project was and my little ones are so excited to put cookies on their DIY Santa Cookie Plate this year.  

They also loved that their names were on the plate for Santa.  They thought that was the best part.

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