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Complete DIY Command Center: For an Easy and Organized Summer

It was coming.  Not fast, not slow.  Just a steady march forward and I wasn't ready.  In fact, I was a little paranoid.  It was one of the moments where instead of facing it head on, I was doing everything else possible instead of acknowledging its existence.

Get organized this summer with this easy DIY command center tutorial for families with kids.  With some free printables and project ideas

I was deep cleaning the toilets.  Working in the garden or planting flowers.  Sewing fun end of the school year outfits and gifts.

What I wasn't doing was planning for summer vacation.  You know, the joyous time of year when children are home 24 hours a day and expect someone to entertain them that entire time.

I just simply wasn't ready.


diy family command center

My nightmares were coming true.  They'd be home all summer in just 4 days.  I had to take action.  I had to DO something.

I finally faced the problem head on and put together a summer DIY command center.

It would be my saving grace.  It would give answers to questions even before they were asked.  Like "What's for dinner?" or "Mom, I'm Bored, what can I do?"  

Yes!!  It would be the best command center in the history of command centers.

diy family command center

As I sat putting all the pieces in place, I realized that not only would I love this, but my kids actually started to love it.

They had control of their time too!  They had ideas for activities, knew what was coming each day like appointments, activities or a fun get together with friends and family.  They knew what chores and assignments were expected of them each day and enjoyed moving their chore pieces from one side of the chart to the other.

It was at that moment I knew this summer would be different.  It wouldn't be perfect, but it would give everyone direction without overwhelm.  

That's right our new little family organization wall was going to help us all rock this summer!!

DIY Family Command Center

Materials Needed

There were a couple of things that I really thought were essential in starting out with this command center.  I needed a way to tell my kids about each days activities without having to repeat myself 100 times.

No one likes to repeat themselves all day.  Or in some cases, all week!!

Family Calendar

I started with a large monthly calendar that I grabbed at Walmart.  Nothing fancy, but it is big which means it can hold a lot.

summer activity calendar

A couple years ago I got smart and made simple stickers from address labels.  I found clipart that matched some of our most regular activities and printed them out.  This way I could add activities to the chart with an image.  Which works great for small children.

If you are looking for activities for your family this summer, we've got a list of 100 Fun Activities to do Over Summer.

Menu Charts

diy family command center

Another must was meal times.  I needed a way to convey what was for dinner without having to repeat myself all day.  Right above the calendar I added vinyl letters for Lunch and Dinner.  (Breakfast is early enough they don't bug me about what we are having...yet.)

Next, I found two pieces of scrapbook paper and laminated them with my inexpensive laminating machine.  Now each morning (or night) I can write what is for each meal.  

Just use a dry erase marker and you can wipe it off when you are done.  

Get organized this summer with this easy DIY command center tutorial for families with kids.  With some free printables and project ideas

Kids sorted: 100+ printables for a calm and happy home

I grew up with a chore chart.  Pretty much everything was made into a chart in my childhood home.  My Mom loved a good chart.

I am an avid believe in a good chore chart.  In fact, I have a great free kids chore chart that I use during the school year.

For the summer, we needed a change.  That's why I love the Kids Sorted Printables.  Let me show you what printables I've used.

Chore and Behavior Charts

I found these amazing kids chore charts in the Kids Sorted Printables.

kids sorted chore charts

I laminated them and added sticky velcro on the back and a to the chart.  Now we can move them from "to do" to "done".  I have all the extras in a ziploc on the back.  That way we can rotate certain chores too!

kids sorted chore charts
Another printable in the Kids Sorted kit were these "maps".  They could be used for all sorts of things but for the summer, we are using them to help keep track of our positive behavior days.

diy family command center

To do this, we have this cool lighthouse chart (also from Kids Sorted).  Each day our clip starts in the middle.  We can move up or down throughout the day based on positive interactions or negative ones.  

The goal is to stay in the top 3 spots.  At the end of the day, if we are above the middle line, we get a sticker to put on our "map" chart.

Daily Quiet Time Printable

quiet time rules
Each day we will also have quiet time.  For Mom's sanity plus it is just good practice to have alone time, take a nap or mediate.

I put together this free downloadable Quiet Time Rules printable if you are interested in trying it for your own family.

Summer Reading Charts

I've also added their own summer reading charts that I've made into a free printable.  They can either add a sticker when they've read for 20 minutes each day or I have a coloring chart they can color in as well.

Boredom Busters

boredom busters
Lastly, I create this Mom, I'm Bored printable with sticky notes.  This is for those times your child needs a little help finding something to do (other than watch TV).  Check out the post on how to use it and get the free printable.

Finished DIY Command Center

diy family command center

If you are having trouble visualizing all of this put together.  Here's a little image to help you see what it all looks like together

diy family command center

You can also check out my Instagram Highlights for a little tour of the wall and video explanation for each item.  Feel free to follow along as well this summer.  I'll be adding more highlights on how things are going!

Already I feel like this diy command center has been successful.  The kids have asked lots of questions and have been excited to use their new chore charts.  

family organization wall

Here's to an organized and fun summer!!

Get organized this summer with this easy DIY command center tutorial for families with kids.  With some free printables and project ideas


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    1. Just updated the link. You can grab them here:

  2. I struggle with using the patterns, I still dont know how to use my projector.


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