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FREE Cabbage Patch Doll Clothes Patterns

I grew up loving my Cabbage Patch baby doll.  I loved it so much I kept it for my own kids.  

Perhaps you did the same thing.  But the biggest problem I've faced is their clothes don't last long. 

 You want to gift your doll to your little one and you say "Here is my adorable doll.  Hope you love the threadbare cabbage patch doll clothes!" 
Follow this step by step tutorial on how to sew up Cabbage Patch doll clothing pattern for baby dolls in infant and doll sizes.
This post contains affiliate links to products I recommend.  I do make a portion off any you may purchase.  See full disclosure here. ones going to want that.  Plus, have you ever tried to wash clothing that is falling apart?  Not fun. I am right?!

    My 17" Cabbage Patch Doll clothes are a bit dated.  Not that my kids probably care, but it is always nice to have "in fashion" toys.  

    For some reason my 12" Cabbage Patch Doll's always have super dirty clothing.  I'm hoping these new doll clothes patterns will wash up much nicer than the old ones.

    cabbage patch doll clothes patterns

    Let’s start with a couple questions that are asked frequently about Cabbage patch doll clothing.

    What size clothes do I make for a Cabbage patch doll?

    That’s probably the biggest question people have.  What size doll clothing will fit my cabbage patch doll.  That all depends on the doll you have.  

    I personally have a 12” and a 17” Cabbage Patch doll.  There are a few other sizes like the newborn dolls, but the doll patterns below are specifically for the 12” and 17” dolls.

    If you are not sure what the difference is in the babies, the baby on the left is the 12" doll and the 17" doll is on the right.

    cabbage patch doll clothes patterns

    What Cabbage Patch clothes patterns do you offer?

    Since I have access to a 12” and 17” Cabbage Patch doll, the cabbage patch clothing patterns available are for these two sizes of dolls.  

    I have drafted and digitized 3 patterns in the 2 sizes.  The patterns include dress, bodysuit/t-shirt and leggings for both sizes. 

    Cabbage patch dress patterncabbage patch doll clothes patterns

    Each doll clothing pattern is designed for use with knit fabrics.  This is to help with the stretch over the head as well as easy care in washing.  

    The dress and bodysuit are lapped.  This allows for the doll clothes patterns to fit easily over the head.

    cabbage patch doll clothes patterns

    The leggings have a yoga style knit waistband to help with easy fit on and off.  This is a great stash buster project or a fast gift for birthdays or holidays.  

    Looking for a doll diaper pattern?  Grab the free diaper pattern 

    What materials do I need to make Cabbage Patch doll clothing?

    First, you’ll need fabric.  These doll clothes patterns are designed to be sewn with knit fabrics.  Knit fabrics have stretch.  

    If you aren’t familiar with sewing on knit fabrics, check out our Tipsand Tricks for Sewing with Knits.  

    If you aren’t sure where to purchase knit fabrics, we have ahuge list of places to purchase knit fabrics.  We’ve used many of these retailers and have readers that love them.

    cabbage patch baby clothescabbage patch doll patternscabbage patch baby clothes

    Second, you’ll also need snaps for the bodysuit.  I personally like to use KAM snaps, but you can use metal snaps as well.

    Watch as I sew up the 12" doll clothes live below.


    Just want the Cabbage Patch dolls clothes patterns and full tutorial and none of the hassel?  Get them ALL for download for just $3.97.

    Follow this step by step tutorial on how to sew up Cabbage Patch doll clothing pattern for baby dolls in infant and doll sizes.

    Cabbage Patch Doll Clothes Patterns

    Materials Needed

    Bodysuit/T-shirt/Dress Instructions

    cabbage patch doll patterns

    Step 1
    Take your two sleeve pieces and fold the straight edge up 3/8” towards the wrong side.  Using a zig-zag stitch or stretch stitch, hem the sleeves.

    cabbage patch doll patterns 

    Step 2
    Take your top front and one of the neckband pieces.  Fold the neckband in half lengthwise.  Pin the neckband across the neck on the top.  

    Using a zig-zag or overlock stitch, attach the neckband to the top.  Repeat with back piece.

    cabbage patch doll patterns

    Step 3
    Overlap the back piece over the front piece at the shoulders about ½”.  Add a basting stitch at the armhole to keep the pieces in place.

    Diy doll clothes

    Step 4
    With right sides together (RST), pin the sleeve around the armhole.  Stitch in place.  Repeat with opposite side.

    Diy doll clothes

    Step 5
    With RST, place front and back of top together.  Stitch down the side seam.  Repeat with opposite side.

    Continue to Step 6 for dress or t-shirt.

    Skip to Step 8 for bodysuit.

    Diy doll clothes

    Step 6
    Fold the hem of the dress or t-shirt towards the wrong side 3/8”.  Stitch around the hem

    Doll dress patterns

    Step 7
    Take the legband piece and fold it in half, matching short sides.  Stitch across the short sides.  Now you should have a circle.  

    Fold the band in half with wrong sides together.

    Doll dress patterns Doll dress patterns

    Step 8
    Carefully stretch the legband around the hem of the bodysuit.  Pin as you go, stretching slightly.

    Stitch the legband to the bodysuit.  You should stretch the band slightly as you sew so that the band will fit on the bodysuit.

    How to make doll clothes

    Step 9
    Press the legband.  If you’d like to use a double needle to topstitch around the band, do so now.

    Finally, add a snap or Velcro at the bottom of the bodysuit so it will stay closed.

    Cabbage patch kids clothes

    Cabbage Patch Doll Clothes Leggings Pattern

    Materials Needed

    • Cabbage Patch Leggings Pattern - available for download at the end of the post
    • Knit fabric such as jersey or interlock
    • Ballpoint needle or double needle - I personally prefer the double needle
    • Thread

    How to make doll clothes

    Step 1
    Place pant pieces with RST.  Stitch curved crotch lines together.

    Mark the back of your pants/shorts.  I use 2 pins to mark the back, but you can also use a fabric pen and write CB for Center Back.  This will ensure you don’t forget which side is the back.

    Cabbage patch kids clothes

    Step 2
    Open inseam and place the fronts and back with RST.  Stitch across inseam.

    Cabbage patch kids clothes

    Step 3
    Hem the bottom of the pants by folding the raw edge towards the inside of the pants ½”.  Using your double needle, stretch stitch or zig-zag stitch, stitch around the hem of the pants.

    Cabbage patch clothes Cabbage patch clothes

    Step 4
    Fold the waistband in half widthwise, matching the short sides.  Stitch across the short side.

    Fold the waistband in half with wrong sides together.

    Cabbage patch clothes

    Step 5
    Place waistband over the leggings matching raw edges.  Pin in place.  Stitch around the waistband at the raw edge.

    Free printable doll clothes patterns

    Step 6
    Press the waistband up.  Topstitch along the pant and the band.

    Congratulations!  You've made some adorable Cabbage Patch doll clothes patterns!!!  Make sure to join our Sew Simple Home Facebook Group so you can share your cute creations.

    cabbage patch doll patterns

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    Just want the Cabbage Patch dolls clothes patterns and full tutorial and none of the hassel?  Get them ALL for download for just $3.97.  

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