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Best Places to Purchase Knit Fabrics

Once you've sewn with knit fabrics, you never want to go back.  But shopping for knit fabrics as a newbie can be a little daunting.  Where do I go to buy knit fabric?  How do I know the shop has quality fabrics? 
Ultimate list of where to Purchase Knit Fabrics including US, Canada, UK and Australian retailers
*This post contains affiliate links to products I have used and highly recommend.  I do make a portion off any you may purchase.  But I wouldn't link to them if they weren't awesome!  See full disclosure here.

    We've put together a list of the best places to purchase knit fabrics.  We love many of these shops and those we've never used, our readers have suggested and love as well.  Each knit fabric shop is unique in their own way and may or may not ship to your location.  Here are a few tips for shopping for places to purchase knit fabrics.

    What to Look for In an Online Fabric Shop

    1. Big retailer or small
    This is probably the hardest choice for novice knit purchasers.  Should I shop the big retailers or try a small business.  Let me just doesn't really matter.  Larger retailers general purchase fabrics in bulk.  

    That is why you can generally find fabrics for cheaper prices.  But that doesn't mean the quality is any better or any worse then small time fabric shops.  

    Many smaller shops have large followings of sewists and create beautiful and fun custom prints.  They will be more expensive, but they are one of a kind fabrics you won't find anywhere else.  The choice is yours.  Follow the next few tips and you might have a better idea of what you're looking for.

    2. Take it slow
    Take your time.  Look through the entire list of retailers below.  Highlight a few you are interested in and then check out their sites.  Perhaps you are looking for panels for t-shirts, not all retailers sell those.  It isn't a race.  Window shop until you find what you are looking for.

    3.  Shop around
    Once you've had a look at a site or 2, shop around.  See if that same knit is available somewhere else.  Compare prices.  It doesn't hurt to look on Etsy as well to see if someone is selling that same fabric for less.  

    Many retailers also have Facebook destash groups.  These groups are designed specifically to help customers sell off some of their excess fabrics in their stash.  You can often find a really good deal on fabric you've been searching for.

    4.  Read reviews
    This is HUGE.  Read the reviews for the company online.  Even if they don't have reviews on their shop website, look and see if they have a store on Etsy.  

    Former customers will always leave reviews.  If there are loads of bad reviews, you might try somewhere else.  You obviously can choose for yourself, but a lot of bad reviews can end up with a bunch of fabric you'll never use and be disappointed about.

    5.  Look for a discount or coupon
    There are so many shops that you are bound to find one with a discount or coupon.  Many shops will offer first time buyers a coupon code or discount for signing up for their mailing list.  Even more shops now have Facebook groups.  Once you join the group you can access exclusive coupons, sales or even enter giveaways.  When you find what you want, look for that coupon.

    6.  If you really want it, buy it NOW
    I'm not trying to be an enabler {okay maybe a little}.  But many custom knits are printed in small quantities.  If there is something you just HAVE to have.  

    Make sure you buy it during a pre-order (it is usually cheaper).  Or just buy the retail right away.  I've had several occasions when I wished I would have bought a print and regret that I didn't later when it was gone. 

    7.  Pre-orders
    Many custom knit sites do pre-orders for new knits coming out.  This is a great way to save a few dollars per yard, but also might be the only way you will get the fabric.  Some designers will order a bit of retail for their shop, but not all do.  If you find a shop you love, make sure to follow when their pre-orders happen.

    8. Invoicing
    Don't be afraid of fabric Facebook groups.  Most small shops have them.  This is actually where a lot of the sales of fabric happen.  The designer will share in the group and you can comment or fill out a google doc form with what you want.  The designer will then invoice you using PayPal or something similar.  THIS IS TOTALLY NORMAL.  

    It might seems strange, scary or even shady, but it isn't.  Just make sure you've done your homework.  By that I mean, have you looked around the group.  

    Are people posting photos of finished projects using the fabrics?  Did you google the company?  Are there any reviews on Etsy or on their shop site?  If you do a little digging, you can usually find whether this is a legit seller or not.

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    Okay, now that we've covered the hard stuff, let's start shopping for knit fabrics!!  This is seriously the best part.  I love to shop for fabric, it is an addiction.  I've put together a long list of online knit fabric retailers.  I tried to separate them by country, but many of the retailers from other countries ship internationally.  Make sure you check out each of their sites to see their shipping information and costs.

    Want to learn to sew with your serger?  Check out this great Serger Basics Course

    Online Knit Retailers

    JoAnn Fabrics - Probably the most common fabric retailer in the U.S.  I don't get a ton of knit fabrics from JoAnn's.  But I do like their solid interlock fabrics for my kids t-shirts.  Another benefit of JoAnn's is that you can go into the store and see and feel their fabrics.  Which is always a plus before buying.  You can also grab a discount if you shop using the Ibotta app*.  You get a percentage of cash back when you upload your receipt.  Who doesn't like cash back on fabric purchase! - this site has knits of all weights, colors and types.  There are lots of custom prints and really great swimwear knits too.  I use this site often and have been very satisfied with all the knits I've ordered.

    Etsy - Yes Etsy!  There are a TON of knit retailers on Etsy.  I've purchased from some, others not.  Etsy is a great place to go if you want to support small businesses.  Anytime you use Etsy, make sure that you check the reviews of the retailer and shop around a bit before deciding to buy. 

    Spoonflower - If you are interested in custom, one of a kind knits, spoonflower is the site for you. You can create your own fabric designs or shop from others.  Once your really get into fabric designing you can create anything you want.  I've purchased knits from spoonflower and have had good luck with them.

    Peek-a-boo Fabric Shop - If you want panels for tees and dress, this is the shop for you.  Amy keeps her story stocked with lots of kids and adult panels and new designs coming out all the time.  I've used a lot of knit from Peek-a-boo.  They are a good weight and they ship fast.  Which I love!  Also, they carry a variety of knits including French Terry and swim knits.

    Mood -Yep, Mood.  Like on Project Runway.  Just know that you will be totally overwhelmed and may not have a clue what you are doing.  But they have anything and everything you might ever want.  Take your time.  Breathe.

    Hobby Lobby -Now this can be a bit hit or miss.  Some Hobby Lobby stores carry knit fabrics, some don't.  But if you have one local you can go and ask and when you need knits fast, you have a source for them.

    Little Roots Fabrics - U.S sourced with loads of original designs and patterns.  

    Purple Seamstress Fabrics - Lots of different types of knits and prints. 

    Raspberry Creek Fabrics - Lots of beautiful tossed floral fabrics and pretty prints. 

    Seweird - A variety of knit fabrics including some swim knits for when you are ready to make that first bathing suit!

    Aurora Designs Fabrics - If you are looking for quilted knit fabrics, they've got them.

    Sweet n' Charmed Fabric Mail - Lots of custom prints including character designs.  This is their Facebook group, but they do have a small retail store.

    The Fab Clique - Some retail but more in their FB group.

    KnitPop- If you like florals, they've got you covered.  Along with many different types of knits like French Terry.

    Knitorious Fabrics -Retailer with custom panels and fabric designs, many character designs.

    Snowy Owl Custom Fabrics - Retailers with custom panels and fabric designs.

    Sunshine Rae Fabrics -Lots of knits in different styles, weights and types

    Girl Charlee - They have some really beautiful knits, just make sure you check the weight on fabrics.  You may end up with a super lightweight knit and you'll be a little annoyed.

    Stitch Upon A Time - Explore this shop.  Not only are there some great quality knits, but she is a pattern designer and has some fun patterns.

    So Sew English - Lots of knits in different styles, weights and types

    Wanderlust Designs- fun custom designs and panels

    Wonderground - Retailer with custom panels and prints including character designs.

    Opulent Monsters- Retailer with custom panels and prints including character designs.

    Jumping June Textiles - Retailer with some really fun prints and patterns.

    I have not ordered from any of the following retailers, but I have many sewing friends who say these are some great places to order knits if you are in Canada, the UK and Australia.

    Canadian Retailers

    Bare Necessities
    l'oiseau Fabrics
    Black Rabbit Fabric
    Club Tissus - The entire site is in French.  But I've heard great things about their knits and it may be worth looking at the site.  If you know French.  {My high school French doesn't cut it.}

    Australian Retailers

    Wicked Fabrics
    Bebeloush Designs

    Uk Retailers

    Kitschy Coo  
    Cape Castle Fabrics

    New to sewing with knit fabrics?  Enroll in our free online course and we'll help you get started.