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How to Sublimate Socks

Years ago when I first learned about sublimating, I was really excited.  Think of all the fun projects and ideas you can do with just pressing a design to polyester fabrics.

how to sublimate socks
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    But then I decided it was typically more work than it was worth.  Sometimes even a lot more money than you want to pay.

    However, I came across this fun idea to sublimate socks and thought "what a perfect and easy project".  And it really is.  If you aren't a big crafter or you don't own a heat press, you can still successfully sublimate socks.  You just need sublimation paper, polyester socks and a nice hot, hot iron.

    What is sublimation?

    Sublimation is the transfer of a design using heat and pressure to a different material.  In this case, we are transferring a design from sublimation paper to socks using heat and pressure. 

    sublimation socks

    What materials do you need to sublimate socks?

    For this project, you really need to have a heat press (or iron) that can heat up to 400° F.  Not all sublimation paper needs to be this hot.  But you'll need something that can go up this high.  I used my HTVRont Auto Heat Press but you could use a Cricut EasyPress .

    The fun Ugly Sweater Sublimation Paper that I used for these socks only needed to go up to 385°F.  Which my heat press did just fine.  

    You also need to have socks that are made up of at least 60% polyester or the sublimation paper will not transfer.

    infusible ink socks

    Is sublimation paper different from Infusible Ink paper?

    Nope, they are the same.  Infusible Ink is just the name that the company Cricut uses to distinguish their product from other products.

    Create fun and custom socks with this easy tutorial on how to make sublimation socks.

    VIDEO:  Sublimation Socks

    How to Sublimate Socks

    how to sublimate socks
    Materials Needed

    sublimation socks
    Step 1
    Preheat up heat press to 385°F.  

    diy sublimation socks
    Step 2
    Trace sock bottom onto a piece of cardboard.  Cut out cardboard foot template.  

    infusible ink socks
    Step 3
    Place sock over the cardboard template.  The sock should fit snugly over the template and should be slightly stretched.  Any puckers or overlap on the sock will not get the sublimation design over the sock.  

    sublimation socks
    Step 4
    Wrap sock in a piece of sublimation paper.  Tape closed with Heat Tape.  

    Sandwich wrapped socks between two pieces of parchment paper.  Place on the Heat Press for 45 seconds at 385°F.  Flip socks over and press again for another 45 seconds.

    Make sure to read the directions on your specific sublimation paper.  It may call for more or less heat and time.

    how to sublimate socks
    Step 5
    Remove socks from heat press and open carefully.  Make sure design has transferred to the sock.  Allow to cool completely.

    how to make custom socks
    Step 6
    Remove sock from cardboard.

    how to sublimate socks

    It is that easy to sublimate socks.  You don't have to cut any paper out or create an intricate design.  You simply add heat and pressure and you've got custom sublimated socks.

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