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Whimsical Candy Cane Sewing Pattern

Peppermint is the number one preferred smell for our holidays.  My husband LOVES peppermint.

He has it for tea.  For treats.  In his cocoa.  On our tree.  He loves his peppermint.

candy cane craft

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    Now, why does this matter?

    Every year we have candy canes.  They are fun to eat and also decorate with.  But they don't stay for decorations long...because he eats them...all.

    candy cane pattern

    Now, he can't eat them.  Or at least this cute little candy cane craft.  It won't be a tasty treat but it will be a cute decoration.

    Once you've got your cute little candy canes, pair them with a fun Mini Stocking.  Now you have a great decoration for your tiered tray or fireplace.

    VIDEO:  Candy Cane Craft Tutorial

    Candy Cane Pattern Tutorial

    Materials Needed

    fabric candy cane ornament
    Step 1
    Cut out two mirror pieces of the candy cane pattern.

    candy cane craft
    Step 2
    Place two candy cane pieces with right sides together.  Mark a 2" opening on the straight side of the candy cane.

    Stitch around the candy cane, leaving open the 2".

    fabric candy cane pattern
    Step 3
    Clip around the curved edges of the candy cane and trim the pointed ends.  Press.

    candy cane pattern
    Step 4
    Turn candy cane right side out and press.  

    candy cane craft
    Step 5
    Fill candy cane with poly fiberfill.  Don't overfill the candy cane or it will be difficult to close off the opening.

    candy cane sewing pattern
    Step 6
    Pin the opening closed.  

    candy cane craft
    Step 7
    Hand stitch closed using a whipstitch or slipstitch.

    candy cane pattern

    Now go decorate with all those cute little candy canes.  You can even make them into fun little ornaments by adding a loop through the top of the cane.

    candy cane pattern

    Get the Candy Cane Pattern

    Want the free Candy Cane sewing pattern?  Simply click the button below to download.

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