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Easy and Free Scrunchie Pattern

If you love adding a touch of fun to your accessory wardrobe, why not try whipping up some homemade scrunchies? 

Not only are they the perfect way to add a pop of color and texture, but with this free pattern from us, they can be incredibly quick and easy to make. 

free scrunchie pattern
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Perfect for getting creative while taking advantage of upcycling scraps of fabric too – these little pieces can add an extra bit of personality and style in no time at all!

    What are the Best Measurements for a Scrunchie?

    When it comes to making scrunchies, size matters! You want your scrunchie to be snug around your wrist and hair when worn but still stretchy enough so that it won't fall off. Your finished scrunchie should measure between 3-4 inches in diameter when stretched out. 

    How Many Inches of Elastic Do I Need for a Scrunchie?

    For most scrunchie materials you'll want to use 1/4 inch wide elastic. You'll want between 10-12 inches of elastic. 

    If you want smaller scrunchies or if your material is very thick, then 8-10 inches may work better for you. 

    What Is The Normal Size Of Scrunchies?  

    The normal size for scrunchies ranges from 3-4 inches when stretched out depending on fabric type and elastic width used as described above.

    Video - How to Sew Scrunchies

    Free Scrunchie Pattern

    Materials Needed

    free scrunchie pattern
    Step 1
    Cut out pattern and fabric.  Or cut a piece of fabric that is 4" x 24".   Fold fabric in half, matching the short sides.  Stitch a 1/4" seam along the short side.

    scrunchie pattern
    Step 2
    Let's make our "burrito" with our scrunchie.

    Turn fabric so the seam is on the back side.  Take the top layer of fabric and fold the sides together and place in the middle of the scrunchie.  This section becomes the "toppings" of your burrito.

    scrunchie pattern free
    Step 3
    The bottom of the scrunchie is the "tortilla" of the scrunchie.  Match the two raw edges of the scrunchie.  The "toppings" should be inside the "tortilla".

    pattern for scrunchies
    Step 4
    Place the "burrito" in your machine.  Stitch along the raw edge at 1/4".  Stitch to the end of the burrito.

    free scrunchie pattern
    Step 5
    When you get to the end of the burrito, place the needle down in the fabric, lift the presser foot and pull the remaining fabric through to continue sewing.  Leave a 2" opening to add elastic and turn scrunchie.

    This step can be very confusing, make sure to check out our video on sewing the pattern.

    scrunchie pattern free
    Step 6
    Place elastic on a safety pin and feed through the center of the scrunchie.

    scrunchie pattern

    Step 7
    Tie the end of the elastic in a knot.

    scrunchie pattern free
    Step 8
    Turn the scrunchie right side out through the hole.  Stitch scrunchie closed at the opening.

    Whether you're an experienced sewer or just getting started, making scrunchies has never been easier! With just some fabric scraps and a few inches of elastic, you can have a new accessory ready in no time at all! 

    scrunchie pattern

    Don't forget to grab the free bow scrunchie pattern below.  Simply click the button to download.

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