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Felt Reindeer Ornament Pattern

"Why isn't his nose red, Mom?" My then 4 year old asked.

"Why isn't whose nose red?"  I responded.

To which my preschooler shouted, "The reindeer!"

The age old question.  Why aren't actual reindeers noses red but black or brown or even white?

felt reindeer ornament
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How does one respond to such a question?  Because Rudolph isn't a real reindeer?  Santa got it wrong?

Instead, I did the mature thing and said simply because it wasn't cold enough outside.

Reindeer have signified Christmas and winter for generations.  They are a beautiful rendition of nature during the harsh months of the year.  And they bring a lot of joy in the form of holiday songs and kids movies.

felt reindeer pattern free

That's why this felt reindeer ornament has been a work in progress for me for several years.  I finally pushed myself and decided this was the year to share my love of the beautiful creature.

And of course, I had to make a bit more whimsical and sweet.  

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Felt Reindeer Ornament

Materials Needed

free felt reindeer ornament pattern

free felt reindeer ornament pattern
Step 1
After cutting out the pattern pieces, use a basting spray to attach the inside ear to the outside ears.  Attach the reindeer face the the reindeer body.

felt reindeer ornament
Step 2
Stitch the inner ear to the outer ear.  Also, stitch the reindeer face to the reindeer body.

felt reindeer
Step 3
Take the two antler pieces and stitch them together around the edge.  This might be easier to do before you cut out the pieces.  Simply trace or pin the pattern piece to two pieces of felt.  Stitch around the design and than cut out the antler.

free felt reindeer ornament pattern
Step 4
Stitch the reindeer ears to either side of the reindeer body.  Place the antler in between the two bodies and pin in place.

felt reindeer ornament
Step 5
Using embroidery floss, stitch the two reindeer bodies together around the outside.  Use a blanket stitch to do this.  (See the video in the post to learn how to do a blanket stitch.)

Leave a 1-2" opening along the chest of the reindeer.

felt reindeer
Step 6
Once you reach the opening you marked, use fiberfil to stuff your ornament. 

Stitch up the remaining opening of the reindeer ornament.

free felt reindeer ornament pattern\
Step 7
Use a sharp point and pierce through the face of the ornament where you'd like the eye to go.  Attach glass eyes using basting spray.

felt reindeer ornament

Step 8
Attach nose pieces to either side of the tip of the face using basting spray.  Tack nose down with a hand stitch or on your sewing machine.

felt reindeer

Step 9
Wrap scarf around the neck of the reindeer.  Tack down scarf by hand sewing.

And there you have it!!  The cutest little felt reindeer ornament with a little red nose and fun scarf.

I hope you'll enjoy creating your own red-nosed (or not) reindeer with this pattern.

free felt reindeer ornament pattern

Make sure to check out the video here in the post so you can follow along as you sew.  There are lots of great sewing tips and pattern tricks that will come in handy.

felt reindeer ornament

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Stitch up your own diy felt reindeer ornament with this free the PDF sewing pattern.

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