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All is Calm SVG Cut File

Rock, Rock.

Rock, Rock.

That is what I remember of the Christmas my daughter was born.  She was a day after Christmas baby.  We spent much of that holiday just getting used to having another baby.

But I remember being awake in the early hours of the morning thinking about what Mary might have felt.  That she had this beautiful baby and He was to be the King of the world.

all is calm svg

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It is awe inspiring.  That while rocking a tiny baby you could find such peace and joy.

I love the phrase "all is calm, all is bright".  That really does speak to those first months of a babies life.  Just cuddles and kisses and sweet rocking.

I hope this all is calm svg will bring you some joy and some peace this holiday season.

Have a calm and bright holiday season with this fun all is calm all is bright svg cut file.

You could add it to a Christ Centered Mantel like we created a couple years ago.  This really helped our young family think more about Jesus and less about Santa.

Or combine is with the simple Silent Night SVG and make several signs, towels or coasters to showcase in your home or give as gifts.

all is calm all is bright svg

However you decide to use the all is calm svg, I hope it will make you Christmas a little more meaninful.

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all is calm all is bright svg

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Have a calm and bright holiday season with this fun all is calm all is bright svg cut file.

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