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The Best Woodworking Kit for Kids

"I'm so bored MOM!"

It's the age old theme of all my kids spring breaks and summers.  But it is especially familiar at the moment now that we've been in isolation with the rest of the world for weeks.

But luckily, we've got a subscription to the best wood building kits for kids and it has really helped save my bacon.
The best wood building kits for kids ages 7-12 with real wood projects and fun finished toys.

What am I talking about?  Well, we signed up for the Young Woodworkers Kit Club from Annie's crafts.  AMAZING!!

Seriously though, it has been a great way to work together, accomplish a goal and keep boredom at bay.

{We've also got a subscription the the Creative Girls Kit Club in case you want to compare a couple of the options out there.}

What is the Young Woodworkers Kit Club?

The Young Woodworkers Kit Club is designed for children ages 7-12 years old.  But even my 4 year old has enjoyed helping to paint or put stickers on the projects.

I will say that for the younger kids, they will need lots of support in putting their project together.  These are great projects to get some one on one time together.

Each of the Young Woodworkers Kits teach a new skill for instance learning to use screws and nails, how to work with sandpaper, using a tape measure to carefully measure.  Plus, your child will get new tools to add to their tool kit.

wood building kits for kids

How does it work?
Every four weeks they'll get a project in the mail and each of the projects are different.  

Some months they'll get a fun and functional toy like a truck or space shuttle.  Other months they'll create a gadget like a vending machine or a bug collector. 

What comes in each of the kits?

Most of the supplies comes right in the kit.  You may need to grab some things like glue or a pencil.  But otherwise you should have everything provided.

So far, we've been excited to create each of our woodworking projects.  Some have been more challenging than others, but overall, we've enjoyed the experience and they've really loved playing with the final product.

Learning to work with wood is a life long skill that kids can start learning now and enjoy into adulthood.  

Let me show you some of the projects we've done so far with the Young Woodworks Kit Club.

Quarry Truck
Learn how to build your own quarry dump truck with a hammer and nails.

wood kits for kids

This is a working dump truck.  Which is really cool and my 4 year old can't get enough of this truck.

Space Shuttle
This project is perfect for learning how to use your tape measure.  We worked to measure and draw our lines to make sure everything lined up perfectly.

real wood building kits for kids

My 10 year old couldn't wait to get his hands on this "rocket".  We worked together to paint the rocket and add all the stickers.

Marshmallow Launcher
This project might be our favorite yet from the Young Woodworkers Kit Club.  Not only are we learning great woodworking skills, but a bit of engineering too.

real wood building kits for kids

Like why does changing where the rubber band go change how far the marshmallow goes.

Woodworkers kit
My eigth year old made the tugboat almost entirely on her own. It was fun to watch her read through and complete each step.

Pirate ship woodworker kit

Pirate Ship Bank
My 5 year old helped his Dad make this beauty.  He loves that it has an opening in the back. Instead of money, he puts toys in the small window and pretends they are steering the ship.

If you are looking for a unique and one of a kind gift, that will keep those little hands from being bored, the Young Woodworkers Kit Club is a great option. 

Plus, get 50% off your first months shipment of the Young Woodworkers Kit Club when you use code SHARE50 at checkout.  That's a great opportunity to try out for the first month.

The best wood building kits for kids ages 7-12 with real wood projects and fun finished toys.


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