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20+ Super Fun Ideas for the Creative Kid

Do you have a creative kid?  Let me tell you.  I have 3.  Yes, my 8, 5 and 2 year old are all creatives.  They love crafting, recycling and sewing. 

My 2 oldest learned to sew this summer and each made their own pajama pants.  My daughter can't walk by the recycle bin without pulling something out to make a project with.  

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out gifts for creative kids.

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This Christmas I really wanted to give them some gifts they could use to be "makers".  

Last year my sister got my son this Create Your Own Little Monsters Kit.  He had such a fun time making his monsters that I wanted to find some other great projects for the kids to do.  

Not only was the project fun, but it was great for both his small motor skills and for his problem solving.  I want more gifts that are like this for my kids.

That's why this year I put together this list of gifts for creative kids.  Perhaps you have the same wishes for your kids.  You want gifts they can enjoy, create and learn from.  

I've been researching, compiling and not I'm sharing.  I hope you'll get some inspiration and have fun putting together your own gifts for your creative child.

Gifts for Creative Kids

Creative Kids Kit Ideas

Creative Kids Crafting Supplies

Creative Kids Clothing and Jewelry Projects

I hope you've gotten some inspiration and ideas from these fun gifts for creative kids.  

Remember, you don't have to work super hard to find something a creative kid will enjoy.  Sometimes, just an old Amazon box from the garage makes a great gift for creative kids.