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Easy Felt Heart Garland Template + No Sew Option

Color!  Oh how I miss color in the winter months.

Since we live in the country, we see lots of browns and greys all through January and February.  Don't get me wrong they are beautiful, but they can get old really fast.  That's why I crave the colors of the Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day.
felt heart garland

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This time of year presents another challenge for the colorful crafter....weather.  Getting out to get supplies for projects can get tricky if it has snowed, we have lots of fog or kids are home sick.  That is why I love this quick felt heart garland project.

With a few supplies you probably already have on hand, you can add the colors of the month to your mantel in just a few minutes.  Plus, you save a bit of money since you didn't have to leave your house!

heart shaped bunting

If you've been around for a bit, you know how much a love to make buntings and garland for each season.  I love to dress up my mantel or wall with some festive fabrics, felts and especially holiday shapes.

Instead of a traditional bunting, I opted for a felt garland because it is so easy.  No seams to press or finish.  Just a few stitches and you've got the cutest felt heart garland.

felt heart garland

Let me share with you how quick and easy this felt heart garland project really is.  And don't worry if you don't sew.  You can make this without a sewing machine too!

Felt Heart Garland Pattern

Materials Needed

heart garland diy
Step 1
Cut out your hearts and circles using the PDF template or the SVG cut file at the end of the post.  You'll want sets of each heart.

mini heart garland

I cut mine on my Cricut Maker machine.  But you can cut them by hand just as easily.

For example, I have nine hearts and two circles on my garland.  So I cut out 18 hearts and 4 circles.

heart bunting pattern
Step 2
Pin each pair of your hearts back to back with the rick rack or ribbon on the inside.  Space them about 3-4" apart.  Make sure to leave 5-6" on either end of your garland for you to use to hang the garland.

felt heart garland diy
Step 3
Stitch each pair of hearts or circles together over the rick rack.  

Repeat with each set of hearts and circles.

Don't sew?  No problem!  Grab a bit of fabric glue or even Elmer's glue will work on most felts.  Instead of stitching around the hearts, glue them together over your rick-rack or ribbon.

  garland heart
Step 4
Hang your felt heart garland on a mantel, across a wall or on your porch to add some color and love to your decor.

felt heart garland

See!  Easiest Valentine decor!

Now you've got some color to get you through those long winter months.

Want the free felt heart garland PDF template or SVG cut files?  Simply click the buttons below to download to your device.
how to make fabric heart bunting  fabric heart bunting

Create your own felt heart garland for Valentine decor with this free sewing project.

Create your own felt heart garland for Valentine decor with this free sewing project.


  1. Cute cute cute! Things are looking pretty brown and grey when I look out of the window here too, I love the idea of injecting some colour!

  2. this is so cute!! I had a heart garland several years ago, but now I don't. I think I need to make a new version!

  3. Sparkly felt, what's not to love?!!

  4. This is so easy! I think I want to make one for every holiday. I love easy projects!

  5. this is so cute and simple, a perfect project to do with kids!

  6. Such a simple idea, but those colors really do make it! I love how easy this is to make and that you could do it even without sewing!

  7. I think the easiest projects are the best! I love the colors and that they match your little mailboxes!

  8. Love this diy heart garland, it's both quick and cute - it would look amazing in any place!

  9. What a super cute heart garland! Thanks for the downloadable files as well.


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