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Shredder Costume with Knight Hoodie

This year I asked the little man what he wanted to be for Halloween.  As in the past, we wanted to to family costumes.  So far we have done Nintendo's Mario CartPirates, and Toy Story.  This year he decided we should be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  

Check out how to use the knight hoodie to make your own Shredder costume to complement those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes.

Since we only have 2 kids, it was decided that their two cousins would join in on the fun and be the other 2 TMNT.  2 boys and 2 girls (with turtle tutus).  You can check out the kids costumes and tutorial HERE.

Now since the littles and their cousins are going to be TMNT, Mom and Dad had to be something else.  The Little Man decided that a  Shredder costume would be the perfect idea to go along with TMNT.  

Shredder Costume with Knight Hoodie by GYCT

Of course, I, being the one who had to come up with the costume, was a little stumped.  I mean, have you ever had to make a Shredder costume?  He has spikes!!  And headgear.  So when I heard that the  Knight Hoodie Pattern was going to be coming out in teen and adult sizes, I knew it would be the place to start.

TMNT1987 Shredder

If you can't remember who or what Shredder looked like, you can see in the picture he has lots of spikes.  I knew the  Knight Hoodie Pattern would work well since I didn't want the costume poking anyone.  Of course, I did have to change a few things.  

You can grab the Knight Hoodie Pattern in Children's sizes on Etsy

First, I needed 2 colors of grey sweatshirt fleece:  one light and one dark.

For the spikes on the shoulder, I made a rounded shoulder pad and attached 4 spikes on each side.  I did this instead of adding the Shoulder Armor.

Shredder Costume Hoodie

 On the sleeves, I sliced two sections out of the front of the sleeve and sewed in the spikes there.  I kept the Elbow Plate because I thought it gave it a tough look.

Shredder Costume Hoodie

I also lengthened the hoodie about 8 inches and added a black stripe through the middle just like Shredder's belt.  My husband is tall and skinny so we needed the correct size but extra length.  

Shredder Costume Hoodie

Overall, I love how it turned out.  I even told my husband that perhaps I should wear the Shredder costume instead of him.  But he said no because he liked his costume.