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5 Quick Lunch Ideas Every Parent Should Make

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"I don't like that!!" she shouted at me across the room.

It was way to early for a shouting match. And frankly, I was tired of having this fight.

My daughter didn't want to eat school lunch any more. She was getting bored of the same menu and wanted to take "cold lunch" like her friends.

Thankfully it was the end of the school year and I had the summer to figure out what to do in the fall.

5 Quick Lunch Ideas Every Parent Should Make for their school age child. Plus, a free printable shopping list and menu to make the process easy and quick.
With the help of my local Walmart, I was able to put together some easy and kid friendly lunch ideas just in time for back to school season.

Yes, I know summer isn't over yet. But back to school is going to creep up on our household fast. Since the end of summer can be so crazy at our house, I wanted to get a head start.

kid school lunch

I got to planning out some easy cold lunch ideas and decided to use Walmart Online Grocery service to buy our lunch items.

That meant I didn't have to run into the store with all 3 of my kids and try and keep them happy or occupied.

kid school lunch

Instead, I ordered online, picked the time that worked for me, and pulled up to have our groceries all brought out to me like a queen. It was convenient and such a time saver.

PLUS, I totally saved money because I'm not giving in to my kids requests for this or that. I just got what was on my lunchtime shopping list and nothing else.

If you haven't tried the Walmart Online Grocery service, go now!! Check to see if it is available in your area. Seriously life changing.

Kid Friendly Lunch Ideas Menu

easy cold lunch ideas

For our kid friendly lunch ideas, I asked my kids and we came up with a menu that includes:

  1. Yogurt Parfait with granola and berries
  2. Mac and Cheese Muffins with a grapes and yogurt for dipping
  3. Circus Pinwheels with ham, cheese and lettuce, with a side of carrots and ranch
  4. Mini Pizzas plus a side of celery and dipping ranch
  5. Lunchbox Nachos with tortilla chips, nacho cheese sauce, lettuce, olives and tomatoes

kid school lunch

We made sure to add a fruit or vegetable to each lunch to make it a nice balanced meal.

My kids also REALLY love having a sweet snack. We paired each recipe with one of the delicious Nabisco Fun Shapes! Cookies and Crackers.

You can't go wrong with Nabisco Fun Shapes! Cookies and Crackers.

In the 20-pack box you'll get five packs each of Teddy Grahams Honey, Teddy Grahams Chocolate, Mini Chips Ahoy!, and Barnum's Animal Crackers.

kids yogurt parfait

That means variety!! And as we know, my daughter gets bored with food easily. We love variety.

Keep Those Hands Clean
One item my son requested was napkins. He hates having dirty hands.

Which is a good thing when it comes to getting our hands cleaned for meals. However, at school it is easy to forget to wash your hands before eating.
kid friendly lunch ideas

That's why we decided to include Kleenex® Wet Wipes as a great hand washing alternative. Wet Wipes are THICK and soft and perfect for those kid hands and washing off all the playgroup grim.

And since Kleenex® Wet Wipes are made for hands, face and body, your child can wash their hands and face before eating with no problems.

kleenex wet wipes for school lunch

This is especially a good idea during the winter months when germs and viruses run rampant in schools.

To pack Kleenex® Wet Wipes, we will be putting them in a plastic bag to keep them nice and moist.

Once we had our menu created, I put together a shopping list.

I'm sharing that free shopping list and all 5 of our easy kid friendly lunch ideas in a free PDF download.

kid friendly lunch ideas

That's right! All you do is print, purchase and assemble.

Making school lunch simple.

In fact, when you download you get the shopping list and all 5 recipes for our simple kid friendly lunch ideas. Get your copy of the Simple School Lunch Ideas HERE.

free simple school lunch menu

How to Use the Simple School Lunch Ideas PDF
Step 1
Download the free Simple School Lunch Ideas PDF

Step 2
Head to Walmart Online Grocery Service and use the shopping list to stock up on your items.

Step 3
Check out and head to your local Walmart.

Step 4
Assemble your school lunch boxes using the PDF recipes.

kid friendly lunch ideas

Other Lunchbox Items

Some other items you might consider including are fun Lunchbox Notes. These can bring a smile especially when a day has been hard.

Another item to include is a drink. I typically stick to sending water because it is so good for the body. But milk is also a great suggestion.

We've tried each of these lunches and all 3 of my kids have loved them. I am excited to pack their lunch this fall with fresh, fun and healthy foods.

5 Quick Lunch Ideas Every Parent Should Make for their school age child. Plus, a free printable shopping list and menu to make the process easy and quick.


  1. Thank you for the neat ideas!! Can I ask, what containers did you use to put the lunches in? Those look like exactly what I’ve been trying to find!

    1. Hey T,
      I got my boxes using Walmart Grocery pickup. But one of them is available on Amazon as well https://amzn.to/2MV3O6P


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