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Lunchbox Notes for Kids

I can hardly wait for the new school year to start.  I love the start of the school year.  It is like having an extra New Year half way through the year.  

It's a great time to make new goals, start new projects and get back into a routines.  Growing up one of my fondest memories of starting a new school year was taking my lunch to school.  

With 5 kids in our family, it wasn't really an option to eat hot lunch every day.  So instead we each packed a lunch in our own lunchboxes.

Lunchbox notes for kids

Each morning we would pack our lunchbox with a sandwich, fruit or vegetable, chips, a drink and if we were really lucky, a Little Debbie Snack Cake.  

My Mom was great about finding new foods for us to try and she loved helping us pack our lunches.  Often we'd sit down to eat and we'd find little lunchbox notes.  These were often drawn or written on our napkins.  

They might just be her saying she loved us or sometimes a reminder for something happening later that day.  But it made us smile and feel super special that she took time to surprise us with her note.

Lunchbox notes for kids

My own children pack their lunch from time to time.  They are lucky enough to eat hot lunch.  (Which I would have loved to do as a child.)  

But every now and then they like to take a lunch and I like to surprise them with some lunchbox notes as well.  However, when I'm packing a lunchbox at 6am, I'm not really amazing at coming up with something to write on a napkin.  (And let's face it, what kid uses a napkin? Not mine!)  

So instead, I decided to make these lunchbox notes with my Cricut Maker.  

Lunchbox notes for kids

I opened up design space and put together a few fun designs and sayings I knew they would enjoy.  Things like "you rule" with a ruler or reminders to "always be kind".

Lunchbox notes for kids

Then I let my Cricut Maker draw the designs out for me.  I used both the 0.4 and 1.0 Cricut pens.  They worked really well.  The hardest part was being there to switch up the different pen colors for the different designs.

Lunchbox notes for kids

Once the designs were drawn, my Cricut cut them out for me.

Now, I can put these adorable little notes in my pantry and have them to share with my kids each time they take their lunch to school.
Lunchbox notes for kids

I decided I might as well share with you.  I can't be the only one not creative enough at 6 in the morning to come up with a napkin saying.  So grab these in Cricut Design Space so you can draw and print out your own lunchbox notes. 

Lunchbox notes

 I'm sure your kids will love them.  And if nothing else, they'll know you took a little bit of time to add something special to their lunch.

Grab the Lunchbox Notes HERE

Make lunchtime special with these adorable lunchbox notes for kids.  Perfect for sending in your child's lunch to remind them you are thinking of them.  Use your Cricut to create these cute notes.

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