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How to Use Cricut Print Then Cut

My lines are never straight.

Serious people.  I can't cut a straight line to save my life.  Yes, I sew and craft, but I rely heavily on rulers and cutting products to help my lines stay straight.  

That is why I love the Cricut Print then Cut feature.  Beautiful print designs that cut out perfectly.
Learn how to make your own cards and gifts with the Cricut Print Then Cut feature.

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    I used this feature to cut out my son's Pokemon Valentine's.  Which made the process much faster, plus all my cut lines were straight.

    I also love that I can print a gorgeous design and get a professional finish right at home.

    What is Cricut Print Then Cut?

    The Print then Cut feature is used to print an image or design on your home printer and then use your Cricut cutting machine like the Cricut Explore or Maker to cut out the design.

    Why would you want to use this feature?

    free 4th of July card cut file

    If you are like me, you don't cut straight!  Or you just want a professional finish without all the work. 

    Simply create your design in Cricut Design Space, print and cut.

    How to use Cricut Print Then Cut feature plus free cut file

    How to Use Cricut Print Then Cut

    Materials Needed

    Check out the video on how we used Cricut Print then Cut to make this card from start to finish.

    How to Use Cricut Print Then Cut
    Step 1
    Open card cut file in Cricut Design Space.  Start by making sure whatever image or file you are using is "flattened".  This allows the design to be printed and then cut.

    Cricut Print Then Cut

    Step 2
    Make sure when you click "Make It" that the file shows that it will first Print and second Cut on the far left side.

    Cricut Print Then Cut Cricut Print Then Cut
    Step 3
    Once the design prints, it will be outlined in a black box.  This box is what the Cricut machine will use to figure out where the design is located on the paper.  Place design on your Cricut mat.

    How to Use Cricut Print Then Cut
    Step 4
    Load your design into the machine and allow it to cut.

    How to Use Cricut Print Then Cut
    Step 5
    Cut a 1 x 3" piece of paper.  Fold it in fan shape with about 4 folds.

    Cricut Print Then Cut

    Step 6
    Glue the fan piece to center of the card and glue the stars to the fan.  Now you have a fun Print then Cut pop-up card.

    See how super easy it is to make a Print then Cut project.

    free 4th of July card cut file

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