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Pokemon Valentine Printable

My 8 year old really likes Pokemon.  Which kind of blows me away since I remember in elementary school when Pokemon came out and the world went crazy.  

I personally was not into Pokemon but apparently my In-Laws were.  So it is fun to see them talk Pokemon and share their Pokemon cards.  
Make Valentine's Day easy this year with this free Pokemon Valentine Printable.  Just print, cut and give them away
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That's why when my son asked if we could make Pokemon Valentine's I thought we could maybe come up with something.  

And since there are so many regulations in school these day about treats or food allergies, we decided to include a fun Pokemon sticker with each Valentine instead of a candy.  Which suites my 8 year old fine since he doesn't like most candy.  

(I know!  Isn't that wild!  A kid that doesn't like candy.  He also doesn't like ice cream....unless it is chocolate.)

Pokemon Valentine Printable

So for this Pokemon Valentine I kept it simple.  Just a Pokeball with "I Choose You Valentine" on the front.  But it was a little plain so I found these awesome Large Pokemon Stickers on Amazon.  

It is a pack of 50 stickers for $7.  Which is a steal since he already has to hand out about 40 or so Valentine's this year.  Plus, he can pick a few of his favorites to keep.

Pokemon Valentine Printable

Materials Needed

Pokemon Valentine Printable

The fun part is now my son can go through all the stickers and pick a different sticker for each of his classmates.  So those kids that are into Pokemon like him, he can give them a sticker they like.  

All we are going to do is have him write To/From on the back and use some Washi Tape to stick the sticker on.

Pokemon Valentine Printable

These stickers are each between 2 and 4".  They fit very nicely on the back of the Pokemon Valentine cards.  

And since this is a freebie, you can download the Valentine's and make your own.  You don't even have to worry about the cool stickers.

Pokemon Valentine Printable

Still need some other printable Valentines? 

Want the free Pokemon Valentine printables?  Simply click the link below to download them to your device.

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