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How to Spray Paint a Mason Jar in 6 Easy Steps

I absolutely love decorating for holidays.  Each year I add a little bit to my decor for each holiday.  Last fall I learned how to spray paint mason jars.  It was a fun fall project and it turned out super cute and I really wanted to try it again with a patriotic theme.

how to spray paint mason jars
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I started by saving some of my older and slightly chipped mason jars and a couple pickle jars.  I really love mason jars, but I can veggies every year from my garden and don't like to use good jars if I don't have to.

That's the great part about this project.  You can recycle some glass jars from your fridge and use them for years to come for this fun mason jar craft project.

4th of july mason jar ideas

You might wonder why I decided to spray pain my jars.  I've painted jars in the past with acrylic paint, but I didn't like the look as much.  I felt like they were a bit streaked and didn't have the shiny finish.

With spray paint, the coat is even and without streaks as long as you spray away from the jar to start.  I want to share several other tips for spray painting as well.  In hopes that your first projects turn out successfully.

painted mason jar ideas

Tips for How to Spray Paint Mason Jars

1. Start with clean and dry jars.  
You don't want any tape, glue or paper leftover on your jars.  This is cause the paint to chip, bubble or just look uneven.

2. Turn your jars upside down to paint.  
This way you won't have to touch them and ruin the paint on your jars.  Allow them to dry completely before handling.

3. Start by spraying off the jar.
Slowly move your paint towards the jar.  This helps prevent bubbles or runs in the paint.  I typically spray from left to right, but you can spray from top to bottom as well.  I just feel the paint tends to pool if you go up and down.

4. Shake your spray paint well before using.  
Just like any paint, you want to shake before using.  This helps the paint from separating and adds a nice even coat.

5. Add more than one coat of paint. 
It isn't required to do more than one coat, but it will ensure the paint is even and well covered.

6.  Make a fun design with tape or vinyl.
Use painters tape or removable vinyl to add stripes or designs to your jars before painting.  

how to spray paint mason jars

DIY Centerpieces from Mason Jars

Materials Needed

mason jars crafts diy centerpieces

Step 1
Cut out vinyl stars or other seasonal shapes on removable vinyl or cut out of painters tape.  Make sure it is removable so it will peel off after you spray paint your project.  If it has to much stick it will peel off paint.

how to paint glass jars

Step 2
Place vinyl shapes on clean and dry mason jars.  You can add just one large vinyl shape or you can take several smaller shapes and make a design around the entire jar.

Step 3
Grab your spray paint.  You won't need a lot unless you are doing a ton of jars.  I used these small Krylon Short Cuts paints.

how to spray paint mason jars

Step 4
Step up a spray paint "pad" with either a cardboard box or tarp outside.  This will keep your surface from getting painted.  Place the mason jars upside down on the cardboard.  

If painting several jars, make sure to space them far enough apart so they can each be evenly painted.

Step 5
Start spray painting on the cardboard or tarp and then move over towards the jars.  This will help prevent the jars from getting blotchy.  Continue to paint around the jar.  Try not to handle the jars, instead move around the jar and paint as you go.

If you'd like to do two paint colors.  Spray the jar first, then add the vinyl and spray paint it with the second color.  Make sure to allow the paint to dry completely before adding or removing the vinyl.

Allow jars to dry completely.  I usually wait 30-40 minutes just to be safe.

painted mason jar ideas

Step 6
Peel the vinyl carefully off each of the jars.  

mason jars crafts diy centerpieces

Once those jars are all painted, fill them with beans or rocks and add some festive pinwheels with our free pinwheel pattern.  You have the perfect little centerpiece.

You can make some many fun designs now that you know how to spray paint mason jars you could use a chalk paint or a shiny gold paint.


  1. If you hand wash these if they get dirty (after the paint is well dried) will the paint wipe/wash off?

    1. Great question. With spray paint and jars, I think a simple hand wash will get them clean and keep the paint in tact. If you were to add to a dishwasher, you'd probably start chipping away the paint.


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