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12+ Ideas to Organize Your Sewing and Craft Room

Today I thought I'd share some of the awesome ideas I've found for organizing your sewing and craft room.  Many of these I currently use and have pinned on my own Pinterest boards.  I am let's face it, organizing your craft room is probably the biggest task in your house.  

Sewing and Craft room organizing ideas roundup
This post contains affiliate links to products I have used and highly recommend.  I do make a portion off any you may purchase.  But I wouldn't link to them if they weren't awesome!  See full disclosure here.

From the entire bucket of buttons to the scraps of fabric.  And we all know we can't throw those things away because the week after you do inevitably you say "Man, what did I do with that red polka dot scrap fabric?  Dang!!  I threw it away last week!"  It's a reality I've faced....on multiple occasions.  So instead, let's just organize it so when people come into our "area" they'll at least think we've got our crap together. 

Filing Your Fabric from The Thinking Closet

Peg Board Organizer from Ginger Snap Crafts

Bobbin Storage Idea from Domestic Adventure

Storage Cube from Liberty Sewing

How to Store Your Fabric Stash from Rachel Rossi

Pin Cushion Frame from A Bird and A Bean

Sewing Caddy from Liberty Sewing

DIY Sewing Machine Cover

Sewing Machine Cover from GYCT Designs

Knitting Needle Case from Vicky Meyers Creations

Storing PDF Patterns from Do It Better Yourself Club

DIY Pattern Weights from Tea Rose Home

Still looking for some great ways to organize your home and self?  Power of Moms has a great free Master the Whirlwind ebook.  It's free and has loads of great tips and tools to help master your space and family.
Sewing and Craft room organizing ideas

Need more organizing ideas?

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