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Party Planning Printables from The Berry Bunch

Hello! I'm Jessica and you can find me blogging about life with the husband and two kiddos over at The Berry Bunch. I blog about sewing, reading and activities, and starting to include food! Today, I am sharing pictures of baby girl's 1st birthday planned using what I am sharing with you today! I am so excited for the opportunity to share with GYCT Design's Sizzlin' Summer Series!

Sizzlin' Summer Series Party Planning Sheets by The Berry Bunch

This was perfect timing for me, as my little girl just turned 1 on the 19th! We had a birthday part for her, always a big deal for us with a usual of over 30 guests to help us celebrate. But, that makes prep and planning so difficult! I am not great with prep and planning unless I can create lists, check lists, and more lists. It's horrible. But, I need it. I'm insanely list needy. If it's not on the lists, it doesn't get done. Hubby thinks it's a bit ridiculous. It's amazing the brain power it saves though when you don't have to constantly remember every thing. Especially when the baby is screaming because of a poopy diaper and the toddler spilled milk for the umpteenth time all over the carpet.

So, I created worksheets to help with the planning and prep process of parties. {I will give a download link for each page as I talk about them and one at the end with all of them together.}

There are so many single page sheets out there. If those work for you, then I am jealous. I end up using the back and get lost with my every direction writing from lack of lines (as you can see from this half completed one, I still have scribbles). Instead I have created a sheet for the details, for invitees and their addresses, a gift sheet, and a budget sheet. 

Sizzlin' Summer Series Party Planning Sheets by The Berry Bunch

The first one is for the details (download). The when, where and what of the party. I like to sketch out a basic drawing of the cake and invite. I usually create an invite on the computer and use the Cricut for the cake. I also included some check list items to complete as the date draws near. Here is the birthday cake from our little girl's first birthday. Hubby did, and usually does, the cake decorating. 

sizzlin' summer series plan a party by the berry bunch

For the guest list (download), I have included a check box for indicating if an invitation was mailed, a column for attendance and the number expected. I like having addresses right there too as I am filling out the envelopes. I still like to do that by hand, so much more personal. Plus, having the addresses right there and easily accessible makes it nice when filling out thank you notes using the guest and gift list (download). 

Sizzlin' Summer Series Party Planning Sheets by The Berry Bunch

You can use the guest/gift list like a guest book sign in, that way you can remember to send thank you cards to people who had attended but may not have brought a gift. I always get nervous that I may have forgotten a couple people especially since we take our dear. sweet. time opening gifts. Seriously, little man has taken 3 days to open gifts. His birthday is 3 days before Christmas! Imagine! Another 3 days for Christmas presents! We open gifts for a week! 

Sizzlin' Summer Series Party Planning Sheets by The Berry Bunch

The shopping list (download) is a bit different. I estimate cost for items needed, especially when using the details sheet, and place them into different categories. I use this to establish the budget from the bottom up as I begin planning. I carry it with me so as I buy items, it works like a checkbook register. That way I know just how much I have left for the party budget.

Sizzlin' Summer Series Party Planning Sheets by The Berry Bunch

The categories are perishables, dry (canned), cake, decorations, paper goods, party favors. I usually put the activity items with the decorations. The budget for each category, and each category gets it's own budget, goes at the top. It's like a zero based budget (envelope cash) system. I like to ad match so I try to buy items as close to the party date as I can at hopefully a discounted price. The extra funds left over goes into the kids bank accounts or towards their birthday present. 

These have helped me with planning birthday parties so much. I used them for little man's 3rd birthday and hubby's 30th birthday last year! 

Do you have any secrets to make party planning easier?

You can download all 4 worksheets here in one lump download. :)

Thank you so much, Chelsea, for having me over to share!

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