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Sew Your Own Reusable Bowl Covers

Summer is coming!  Which means you'll probably have BBQ's and family gathers.  Maybe fireworks and pool parties.  And that means you've got to start taking yummy salads and delicious treats to every event you go to.  
Sew your own salad bowl covers with this DIY reusable bowl covers tutorial.
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Since we live in the country we have a LOT of flies, everywhere.  We always end up covering our bowls and plates with paper towels.  But the wind comes and poof....they blow away.  

Wouldn't it be great to have something to cover those bowls that won't blow away?

diy bowl covers

Have you seen the reusable bowl covers?  You just stretch them right over the top of your bowl and they stay put.  Kind of like a little shower cap for your food.  

They are actually really simple to make and you can create them in any size you need for any bowl in your kitchen.

How to Sew Reusable Bowl Covers

Materials Needed

diy reusable bowl covers
Step 1
First, pick your bowl.  Draw it on your fabric then measure out about 2 inches more and draw your circle.

reusable bowl covers pattern

Step 2
Iron around your edges 1/4".  Fold the edges again another 1/2" and press.  

reusable bowl covers pattern

Step 3
Stitch around the fabric making a casing for the elastic.  Leave a 2" opening to feed the elastic through.

Step 4
Measure out the elastic.  To figure out how much you'll need, measure your circles radius and then add an addition 1/2 of the radius.

Radius + 1/2 radius = amount of elastic 

reusable bowl covers
Step 5
Thread elastic through the casing.  Overlap the elastic and stitch ends together.

reusable bowl covers
Step 6
Stitch the casing closed.  

Aren't these reusable bowl covers just the cutest things ever?  

They actually make really great gifts too.  Make them in several sizes and give them to friends.  

You could even customize them using some of these techniques.

reusable bowl covers 

Sew your own salad bowl covers with this DIY reusable bowl covers tutorial.