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Craftastic Tuesday: Sister's Day Project

My sister-in-law started an annual Sister's Day. Those who participated were to make the same item for everyone and then send them by last Saturday. So I decided to do Aprons!!!
This one is a ruffled apron. I saw this on someone's blog. I'd put a link, but I have no idea where it is. So sorry!
This apron is a chef's apron. It is a square that's ties go around back and then tie in the front.
Same apron here, just different fabric.
This one is for my mother-in-law. I made it for her to use in her garden. It has front pockets and side pockets. And they are all very deep.
These two have polka dots. I love polka dots!!! I made them opposites for my youngest sister-in-laws. Aren't they fun?
The cute flowers on these I learned to make at Craftaholics Anonymous (click here).
I checked out a few websites and found some cute designs for these two aprons. They have rounded bottoms with ruffles! Love them. I added the flowers to make them a bit cuter.
I love the fabrics for this apron. I made a little flower to put up by the neck strap.

If your in the mood to make aprons, check out this site for 8 free apron patterns.

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  1. You've got me SERIOUSLY wanting to make aprons. Those are so cute. I need to find some friends to do "friend" day since I don't think my sisters would be interested. It sounds so fun!

  2. Mine was the first one! I didn't realize they were all so different. How fun! I love mine, the ruffles and the blue are fantastic. Thanks again!

  3. The fact that these darling aprons are for your SISTERS is what caught my eye. What a wonderful way to celebrate each other.

  4. They are gorgeous, love the polka dots! Sister's Day sounds super fun, I guess my brothers need to hurry and get married, lol. Thanks for sharing!


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