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DIY Easter Pennant Flag

Spring is almost here which means Easter is just around the corner. As we gather with family and friends to celebrate the holiday, memories of colorful eggs, sweet treats, and sunny days come flooding back. 

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    Here at Sew Simple Home, we love to add new decorations for different seasons and holidays.  That is why this fun DIY Easter Pennant is just what you need this spring.

    This simple sewing project twill not only add a festive touch to your home but also create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. I mean, what kid doesn't love a flag they can wave around?!

    Whether you're a beginner at sewing or a seasoned pro, this fun and easy project will have you crafting your own pennant in no time. 

    easter pennant

    Plus, we have several different applique designs that you can choose from.  You can make a sweet Easter pennant, a hopping bunny design or the simple carrot.  Together they'll showcase your love of Easter and the spring season

    diy pennant banner

    VIDEO:  DIY Pennant Tutorial

    How to Sew a Pennant

    Create your own spring pennants with this simple and free sewing tutorial and pattern.

    Materials Needed

    • Spring Pennant and Applique Pattern - grab at the end of the post by clicking the peach button
    • (3) 12” x 12”  pieces Pastel Cotton Fabric
    • (3) 12” x 12” pieces cotton fabric
    • (1) 12”x 12” white felt sheet

    • 3-4 colored fabric scraps for bunnies and carrot

    • Heat N Bond or Perfect Applique

    • Matching thread

    • Long strips of scrap fabric

    • (3) 12” wooden dowels

    diy pennant flag
    Step 1
    Press Heat N Bond to half of the wrong side of your fabric.  Fold the fabric in half with wrong sides together and press.

    pennant flag easter pennant
    Step 2
    Trace or cut out the pennant pattern on the two layers of fabric.

    pennant flag
    Step 3
    Fold the short straight edge towards the back of the pennant 1/2".  Stitch down along the raw edge.  This will be what holds the wooden dowel in place.

    diy pennant banner
    Step 4
    Use one of our simple applique methods to trace and cut out the letters and designs.  

    easter pennant
    Step 5
    Press Heat n' Bond to the wrong side of the fabric pieces.  Trace pattern to the back of the Heat n' Bond.  Cut out fabric pieces.

    diy pennant flag
    Step 6
    Remove the paper backing from the Heat n Bond.  Press the design to the front of the pennant.  This will keep the design in place so you can stitch it down.

    diy pennant flag
    Step 7
    Stitch down your design.  Feel free to machine stitch or hand stitch your design to then pennant.

    diy pennant flag
    Step 8
    Cut out several 12" wooden dowels.  One for each of your Easter pennants.  Slip dowel into the casing you made in step 3.

    diy pennant banner
    You can also cut some 1/2" by 10" fabric strips to tie at the base of each pennant.

    diy pennant banner

    Place those cute pennants into a mason jar, on a tier tray for the season.

    pennant flag

    Want the Easter Pennant pattern?  

    Simply click the button below to get the email.

    Create your own spring pennants with this simple and free sewing tutorial and pattern.

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