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Free Space Valentine Printable

A few years ago our daughter started getting interested in space and space exploration.  Which was very exciting to my own father.  He LOVES space.

free printable space valentines
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It got to the point that we planned a big family trip to take the two of them to the Kennedy Space Center to watch a rocket launch.  Needless to say, they were in heaven.  (Or maybe outer space.)

Which brings us to this years Valentine's ideas.  My daughter really wanted to have a space themed Valentine.  She found these fun Astronaut Character Pens she wanted to give to her class, but we needed a fun printable space Valentine to go with it. 

printable space valentines

This is what we came up with.  One Valentine says "You're a Blast" and the other says "You're Out of the World".

Both are adorable and perfect for a bunch of cute 5th graders.  But I'm pretty sure even Grandpa will like it.  They are super easy to make and you can get the free download for the printable as well.

There are four to a sheet and the colors are nice and vibrant.
space valentine
Materials Needed

space valentine

Print the space Valentines and cut them with a paper cutter or scissors.  Tape the pens to either front or back of the Valentine and make sure to sign your name.

Want the space Valentine printables?  Simply click the button below to download them.

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Make their Valentine's Day out of this world with the free space Valentine printables.

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