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FREE Ninja Valentine Printables

"I'm a Ninja!!"

It's what we hear constantly around our house.  From kicks to karate chops.

ninja valentine
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Of course, those skills are pretty limited, but it was no surprise to us when he said he wanted to have a ninja valentine this year.

We searched and settled on giving out the Sticky Ninja Wall Climbers.  I then set out to make the Valentine to go with it.

ninja valentine

I came across the cutest little ninjas and couldn't help myself but make adorable printables with them.  They came out great and he is very happy with them.  So happy - he started doing ninja moves.

You can be that happy too!  The free download is available below for both the "Ninja Power" and "I get a kick out of you Valentine" printables.

free printable ninja valentines

All you need to do is click the link, download, print and cut out.  I use a paper cutter because it is faster, but scissors work great too.  Don't forget to add your name!

We stapled out sticky ninjas to the back but you could tape them as well.

ninja valentine
Materials Needed

ninja valentines

Want the Ninja Valentines printables?  Simply click the button below to download them.

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Add some Ninja Power to your Valentine's with the printable Ninja Valentines.

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