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Easy DIY Scissor Holder Pattern

It's a new year!  Which means trying to start fresh and get the sewing space cleaned up and organized.  Not always an easy task!

Especially when you realize you have like 10 pairs of scissors.  And those are just your sewing scissors!!!!
scissor holder pattern

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    I know, you can put them all in a box.  Or you could hang them up on your sewing wall.  You could even just hide them in a drawer, but they tend to walk away.  Why not trying out this scissor holder pattern?

    It can fit anywhere from 3-5 pairs of scissors (depending on the sizes).  You can keep them safe when traveling to a friends.  Plus, you can remind everyone that the scissor in the scissor holder are for sewing only and not to touch them.  (It won't work, but you can give it a good try. Wink Wink.)

    scissor case pattern

    This little holder is also a great gift for friends that love crafty things.  They can also keep better track of their scissors and keep them away from sticky fingers.  Or at least their scissor will look great while they get after their grandkids and husbands for trying to use their sewing scissors.

    Keep your favorite scissor safe while traveling to craft shows or events with this scissor holder pattern.

    VIDEO:  Scissor Holder Pattern

    How to Sew a Scissor Holder Pattern

    Materials Needed

    scissor holder pattern
    Step 1
    Cut 2 9" x 12.5" pieces of contrasting cotton fabric and a 9" x 12.5" piece of fusible interfacing.  Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of one of the fabrics.

    scissor holder pattern free
    Step 2
    One the wrong side of one of the fabric corners, take something with a rounded edge and draw a curve. with a washable marker or fabric marking pen.

    3 pocket scissor case pattern
    Step 3
    Place two pieces of fabric with right sides together.  Cut the curve out of both pieces.

    3 pocket scissor case pattern
    Step 4
    Mark a 2" opening on the straight side of the scissor keeper.  Stitch all the way around the keeper at 1/4" seam allowance but leave the marked opening unsewn.

    scissor holder pattern
    Step 5
    Turn the keeper right side out and press.  Topstitch if desired.

    scissor holder pattern free
    Step 6
    Lay the holder on a flat surface with the curved edge on the left.  Fold the right side in towards the curve, matching the bottom where the point is.

    scissor case pattern
    Step 7
    Fold the opposite side across to the right, again matching the bottom at a point.

    scissor keeper pattern
    Step 8
    Fold the left side back over to meet on the side.  It should now be a cone like shape.  Press to help keep the shape.

    scissor holder pattern
    Step 9
    Stitch from the top edge, down the side to the point and back up the other side.  This will keep the pockets in place.

    scissor case pattern

    Fill that little scissor holder up with your favorite scissor and keep them from getting lost or damaged during travel or just storing at home.

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