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Easy Gingerbread Treat Bag Pattern

I've always loved the look of gingerbread men.  They are so simple but yet bring so much holiday spirit and joy to home decorations.

Don't get me wrong, I love evergreens and berries.  I love the natural look of Christmas, but add a cute gingerbread person and I'm set.

gingerbread bag

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    That's why I'm loving our new project for these gingerbread gift bags.  They are simple but pack a punch because they are unique and special.

    gingerbread gift bags

    Plus, you can fill them with yummy treats and little gifts for those friends and family.  Can you just see an entire army of little gingerbread bags filled up and ready to give to a classroom of kindergarteners?

    Or silly faced gingerbread bags for a sweet little Sunday school class?

    Deliver those special treats and goodies in style with this fun DIY Gingerbread Bag.

    I've got some big ideas for these cute little guys.  Can't wait to see what you make.

    Want some more gingerbread decoration ideas?  Check out our gingerbread people ornaments or the gingerbread man wreath.

    VIDEO:  Gingerbread Gift Bag 

    Gingerbread Bag Sewing Tutorial

    gingerbread gift bags
    Materials Needed
    gingerbread bag
    Step 1
    Trace the mirror image of the gingerbread pattern face onto the paper side of Heat N Bond

    Cut out the two bag pieces in brown.

    diy goodie bags
    Step 2
    Fuse Heat N Bond to felt scraps.  White for the frosting and eye centers.  Black for the eyes and mouth.  Pink of the cheeks.

      gingerbread gift bags
    Step 3
    Press gingerbread face to the right side of one of the bag pieces.  

    gingerbread bag
    Step 4
    Place the two bag pieces with right sides together.  Stitch around the two long sides and across the bottom edge.  Leave the top edge open.

    Make sure to backstitch at the top.

    christmas goodie bag ideas
    Step 5
    Use pinking shears to cut across the top of the bag to finish.  This will help keep the fabric from fraying.

    gingerbread project
    Step 6
    Turn the bag right side out and press.  Fill with yummy treats.

    gingerbread bag
    Step 7
    Tie the top closed with an 8" pieces of ribbon.  

    Your gingerbread bag is all ready to give away to friends, classmates, neighbors or family.

    I love how quickly this cute project comes together.  You can easily change it up by creating different placements for the eyes and cheeks or turning the mouth upside down.

    gingerbread gift bags

    Get the Gingerbread Bag Pattern

    Want the free Gingerbread Treat Bag sewing pattern?  Simply click the button below to download.

    Deliver those special treats and goodies in style with this fun DIY Gingerbread Bag.

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