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FREE Book Sleeve Pattern - In 3 Sizes!!

It has been said the "A book is a gift you can open again and again" (Garrison Keillor).  

That is a thought I believe in wholeheartedly.  Books are treasures.  You can dive into a book and become anyone, go anywhere, and learn anything.  They make wonderful gifts and can bring joy to anyone.

book sleeve pattern
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    Which is why this sewing projects is such a fun gift idea.  This book sleeve pattern is perfect for the book lover.  You can customize it in any color, fabric, design, etc.  You can add a pocket, or leave it plain.  It can fit big hardback books or small Kindle devices.

    book sleeve sewing pattern

    What is a book sleeve?  

    It is a fabric pocket that fits a book in various sizes to keep it from getting damaged.  Say from food, torn pages, bent corners, small fingers, and in some cases liquid spills.

    You can find multiple designs and ideas for book sleeves all over "bookstagram", in online shops and even on Amazon.  They are all the rage and they won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  Why not jump on the bandwagon and sew up some book sleeves today.

    Book lovers everywhere will love the quick and easy book sleeve pattern to help protect their favorite stories.

    VIDEO:  How to Sew a Book Sleeve

    Book Sleeve Pattern Tutorial

    Materials Needed

    book sleeve pattern
    Step 1 
    Cut out fabric for the size book sleeve you are most interested in.  Use the chart below to help determine what size and the size of sleeve pieces you need to cut.

    The pocket is optional.  You can make the book sleeve without the pocket on the front.

    Book Sleeve Dimensions and Cutting Chart

    Type of Book


    Book Sleeve (l x w)

    Pocket (l x w)

     Kindle size, small paperback


    9” x 7.5”

    Cut 2 main fabric

    Cut 2 lining fabric

    Cut 2 batting

    6.5” x 7.5”

    Cut 1 fabric

    Tradition Paperback


    11” x 9”

    Cut 2 main fabric

    Cut 2 lining fabric

    Cut 2 batting

    8” x 9”

    Cut 1 fabric

    Cut 1  fusible interfacing



    12” x 10”

    Cut 2 main fabric

    Cut 2 lining fabric

    Cut 2 batting

    9” x 10”

    Cut 1 fabric

    Cut 1  fusible interfacing

    book sleeve sewing pattern
    Step 2
    For optional pocket.

    Take the pocket piece and press fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.  Press the top raw edge down 1/4".  Turn and press it another 1/4".  

    Stitch across the pressed edge of the pocket.

    book sleeve pattern
    Step 3
    Place the pocket over the top of the main fabric with right sides facing up.  You can place a basting stitch along the outside of the pocket to keep it in place.

    book sleeve sewing pattern
    Step 4
    Place the two main pieces with right sides together.  Stitch from the top corner down the side, across the bottom and up the other side.  Leaving the top of the book sleeve open.

    book sleeve pattern
    Step 5
    Place the two lining pieces with right sides together.  Sandwich the lining pieces between two pieces of batting.  You should have four layers total.

    Mark a 2" opening at the bottom of the "sandwich".  Stitch around the book sleeve lining and batting.  Leaving the top open and the 2" marking at the bottom open.

    how to sew a book sleeve
    Step 6
    Turn the main book sleeve right side out.  Stuff the main piece into the lining and match the top raw edges.  Pin in place.

    book sleeve pattern
    Step 7
    Stitch around the top of the book sleeve pattern.  Press.

    book sleeve dimensions
    Step 8
    Turn the book sleeve right side out through the opening at the base of the lining.  

    book sleeve pattern
    Step 9
    Stitch the opening of the lining closed and tuck the lining inside of the book sleeve.  Press book sleeve.

    book sleeve sewing pattern

    You've done it!  You've created a simple case to protect that favorite book of yours from wear and tear.  Sunlight.  Water and food.  Small grubby hands.  Dog paws and cat hair.  

    You'll be able to enjoy to gift of your favorite story again and again since you've protected it so well with a book sleeve.

    book sleeve pattern

    Imagine the possibilities.  You could create cute covers for every holiday or season with this easy book sleeve pattern.

    What a fun teacher gift it would be.  Share your favorite book and gift it in a cute book sleeve.

    book sleeve pattern

    Tuck fun pens, stickers or sticky notes into the pocket for a little extra something for your book club buddies.  Or keep track of your own reading by holding bookmarks in the pocket.

    I can't wait to make more of these book sleeves for family and friends.  Let me know in the comments what books you are reading this year.  I'm always looking for a good book.

    Book lovers everywhere will love the quick and easy book sleeve pattern to help protect their favorite stories.

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      1. I have no idea why I never thought about doing this before. I have kids who are always stuffing their books in their backpacks. Or a library book. This is a great idea and gives me peace of mind that they won't ruin the books! Thanks for this post.


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