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Quilted Oven Mitt Pattern

When my husband and I first got engaged and went to put together our wedding registry, we started seeing a trend.  Everything we were choosing was green.  I mean everything.

The towels, curtains, furniture, appliances.  We both were really drawn to the color green.  (Yes, it does happen to be both our favorite color.)

free oven mitt pattern
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    We started to realize if we didn't want our home to be so monochromatic, we'd have to pick some different colors.  That is when we decided to go for red in the kitchen.  

    Red is a warm color and promotes hunger.  That's why so many food companies and restaurants use red in their advertising.  

    Fast forward 15+ years later and my kitchen still has quite a bit of red going on.  However, I really do love greens and blues and wanted to start switching things up a little.

    To start, I wanted to change up the hot pad and oven mitt I've had since we got married.  That is how this free oven mitt pattern came along.

    My need for a little change in my kitchen results in you getting a freebie for your own kitchen sewing.  Plus, this project is quick and makes really great gifts.

    Or if you have your own boutique or craft fair booth, people really love pretty oven mitts for each season or holiday themed items.

    Create your own kitchen accessories like this easy oven mitt pattern.

    Video:  How to Sew an Oven Mitt

    Oven Mitt Sewing Tutorial

    Materials Needed

    oven mitt pattern
    Step 1
    Cut out oven mitt using the printable oven mitt pattern pieces at the end of the post.  Cut 2 in main fabric, 2 in lining and 2 in Insul-bright.

    oven mitt sewing pattern
    Step 2
    Stack the 3 layers of material together.  The main fabric is wrong side up, Insul-bright in the middle and the lining is right side up.  Line the layers up and pin together.

    free oven mitt pattern
    Step 3
    Stitch some diagonal lines through the three layers.  Each line should be about 1-1.5" apart.  Start the lines in the middle of the oven mitt and stitch out.  This will help keep everything lined up a bit better.

    Repeat step 2-3 with the opposite side of the oven mitt.

    oven mitt sewing pattern
    Step 4
    Place the two quilted sides of the oven mitt together and stitch around the outside at 1/4".  Leave the bottom straight edge open.

    oven mitt pattern
    Step 5
    Clip around the curved edges of the oven mitt and clip into the fabric where the thumb and hand meet.  Trim extra bulk out of the seam allowances as well.

    free oven mitt pattern
    Step 6
    Open bias tape and stitch tape around the bottom edge of the oven mitt.  Making sure right sides are together.  

    free pattern for oven mitts
    Step 7
    Carefully fold bias tape to the inside of the oven mitt and pin in place.  Use a hand needle to slipstitch the bias tape closed.

    Alternatively, you can stitch the bias tape using your sewing machine.

    free oven mitt pattern

    That's it!  You've just made a brand new oven mitt for you kitchen.  It is going to be nice to have a matching set or two.

    Or make them for gifts for friends and family.  However you decide to use this pattern, I hope it will brighten up your space and put a smile on someone's face.

    Oven Mitt Pattern

    Want the free Oven Mitt Pattern?  Simply click the button below to download

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