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DIY Jack Skellington Costume

"I'm Jack!  The Pumpkin King."

Yes, it is true.  My 7 year old LOVES the Nightmare Before Christmas.  How?  I can't really say.  I think my husband got him watching it a couple years ago and he fell in love with all the music.

diy jack skellington costume
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    For months, we would listen to the soundtrack at bedtime.  Now, he is learning to draw several of the characters.

    That is why when he asked me to make him Jack Skellington for Halloween.  I couldn't say no.  It took me some time to think on how I was going to make it happen.  But this DIY Jack Skellington Costume actually didn't take as much work as I thought.  

    jack skellington costume diy

    I used the Alex and Anna pajama sewing pattern as the base.  Cut out strips of white vinyl and made the bowtie.  Overall, it was quite successful and he loved it.  PLUS, because it is a pajama base, he can wear them to bed every night.

    DIY Jack Skellington Costume

    Materials Needed

    Cut out the bodice front and both sleeves. Lay flat. 

    Cut long strips of white iron on vinyl. You'll need 50+ strips.

    diy jack skellington costume
    Step 2
    Place strips lengthwise on the bodice front and on each sleeve. Once you like their placement, iron them down.

    Peel off the plastic backing. Turn bodice over and press. Turn sleeves over and press.

    jack skellington costume diy
    Step 3
    Cut a triangle of iron on vinyl for the center front to make it look like a tuxedo. Press to bodice front.

    diy jack skellington costume
    Step 4
    Stitch the bodice front and back to the sleeves. 

     jack skellington costume

    Step 5
    Sew the neckline to the bodice. Press.

    jack skellington costume diy
    Step 6
    Cut iron on strips for pants. Press to unsewn pant legs.

    Stitch pants together and add cuffs.

    Jack Skellington Bowtie Pattern

    Need the Jack Skellington Bowtie Pattern?  
    Simply click the button below to get the download.

    diy jack skellington costume
    Step 7
    Cut out Jack Bowtie in the felt. Stitch the two felt pieces together at 1/4".

    jack skellington costume diy
    Step 8
    Use white paint pen to add dots on the bat face for eyes. Hot glue the alligator clip to the back of the bowtie vertically, so that the tie can clip onto the front of the pajamas.

    jack skellington costume

    That's it!  You've made a quick, pajama DIY Jack Skellington costume for that little Nightmare Before Christmas fan.  Plus, they have some new PJs to wear all year long.

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    Make your own diy jack skellington costume for Halloween.

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