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DIY Bo Peep Costume

My kids have been fans of Toy Story for so many years, I am not even sure how many anymore.  It started with my oldest.  He LOVED Woody and couldn't get enough of the first few movies.

Once my daughter was born, with red hair no less, she became his "Jessie".  In fact, when they were quite small, they dressed up as Woody and Jessie for Halloween.

diy bo peep costume
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Fast forward all these years later, when the new movie came out, they couldn't wait.  My daughter really loved Bo Peep and decided she wanted to be her for Halloween.

This was a challenge for me because I like to keep our costumes simple and comfy.  Making a DIY Bo Peep costume comfy didn't seem easy.  However, it was fun to figure out and I think we did a pretty good job.

Make your own diy bo peep costume for Halloween or fun dress up.

Not only is the base of the costume made from the Alex and Anna Pajama Pattern
 but skirt is removable just like in the movie and can become a cape instead of a skirt.  And as you may know, I like to make all my kids costumes from PJs, that way they can wear them year round instead of just one night a year.

DIY Bo Peep Costume

Materials needed
diy bo peep costume
Step 1
Cut out to large circles for the skirt. Follow the witches skirt tutorial to help you cut out the skirt 

Cut an opening from the hem to the waist on both layers. Lay the two layers with right sides together (RST).

bo peep costume diy
Step 2
Place the lace trim in-between the two skirt layers. Pin in place.  Mark a 4" opening along the hem.

bo peep costume diy
Step 3
Stitch around the entire circle. From around the waist, down the openings and along the hem. Leaving the 4" marking open.

bo peep costume diy
Step 4
Turn the skirt right side out and press.  Stitch closed the 4" opening.

diy bo peep costume
Step 5
Stitch Velcro to the waistline. One side should be on the right side of the skirt. The other side should be on the wrong side of the skirt.

bo peep costume diy
Step 7
Stitch the ruffles to each pant legs. About 6-7" from the hem.

diy bo peep costume
Step 6
Stitch 6 rows of ruffles for the pants. Use our how to gather fabric tutorial to learn to sew gathers.

bo peep costume diy
Step 8
Sew pants together.  Add cuff to the bottom of the pants.

diy bo peep costume
Step 9
Take a piece of lace OR a piece of iron on vinyl cut to look like lace. Place in the center of the PJ top.  Draw a "v". Trim lace.

bo peep costume diy
Step 10
Use lace trim to cover the sides of the "v". Stitch in place (or press iron on).

Cut a long strip of Pink knit fabric and stitch just under the lace.  It should be about 2" wide

diy bo peep costume
Step 11
Stitch a strip of pink on the back of the PJ top in the same location as the front.

diy bo peep costume

Put all the pieces together and you've got yourself a Bo Peep costume.  Make sure you grab a pool noodle from the Dollar Store to make her hook or just cut one out of cardboard.

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