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Mini Pot Pincher Oven Mitt Pattern

Several years ago I got into making sourdough bread.  Yes, I know, everyone is making sourdough now.  But baking is one of my favorite hobbies (besides sewing) and sourdough has become part of that.
mini oven mitts
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    To make a good loaf of sourdough, it is nice to have a Dutch oven.  When I finally invested the money in a nice Dutch oven, I realized I needed some better oven mitts.  Some that could grab the handles on my Dutch oven but also weren't super bulky and difficult to use.

    mini oven mitts pattern

    That is when I did some research and found mini oven mitts.  They are the perfect addition to my sourdough making.  And since making these, I barely use any other oven mitts.  They are sturdy, heat resistant and super cute.  Plus, I can wash them with no issues.  Win for sure.

    Now with this pattern, you can make your own mini oven mitts and keep those fingers safe from hot pots and pans.

    Add a little color to your kitchen with this easy mini oven mitt pattern.

    VIDEO:  How to Sew Mini Oven Mitts 

    Mini Pot Pincher Oven Mitts Tutorial

    Materials Needed:

    mini oven mitts pattern
    Step 1
    Cut out all the pattern pieces out in fabric and insul-bright using the pattern as a guide.

    mini oven mitts
    Step 2
    Place one of the pocket pieces wrong side up on a flat surface.  Place a piece of Insul-bright over the top.  Place the other pocket piece right side up over the Insul-bright.  The Insul-bright should be sandwiched between the two pocket fabric pieces.

    Place a piece of bias tape along the straight end of the pocket piece.  Sandwich the three layers into the bias tape.

    pot holders with pockets
    Step 3
    Fold the bias tape over both sides of the straight side of the pocket pieces.  Stitch the bias tape through all the layers.  Press.

    mini pot holder
    Step 4
    Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the other pocket pattern pieces.

    pinch pot holder
    Step 5
    Place the main Insul-bright piece on a flat surface.  Place one of the main fabric pieces right side up over the Insul-bright.  Place the two pocket pieces on either side of the main piece.  Matching the raw edges and the curves.

    mini oven mitts
    Step 6
    Place the remaining main fabric piece with wrong side up over all the layers.  Pin all the layers together.  Mark a 2-3" opening along the edge of the pocket pot holder.

    pocket pot holders
    Step 7
    Stitch around the entire pot holder at 1/4".  Making sure to sew through all the layers.  Leave the 2-3" marking open to turn the pot holder. Press.

    Trim excess fabric and Insul-bright away from the edge.

    pot holders with pockets
    Step 8
    Clip around the curved edge of the pot pincher.  You'll want to clip about every inch to help the curved side lay flat.

    pocket pot holders
    Step 9
    Turn the pot pincher right side out and press well.

    pinch pot holder
    Step 10
    Handstitch the opening closed using a slipstitch or whipstitch.

    Repeat all the steps for another pot pincher oven mitt.  You'll want two for either side of a hot pan or dish.

    mini oven mitts

    Now you've got two great mini oven mitts to use anytime you are in the kitchen.  These work great for moving hot pans from the oven or stovetop.  I use mine a lot to transfer dishes to the table easily.

    pot holders with pockets

    Want the Free Mini Pot Pincher Oven Mitt Pattern?  

    Simply click the button below to get your download.

    pinch pot holder

    Add a little color to your kitchen with this easy mini oven mitt pattern.

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