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Easy Pocket Apron Sewing Pattern

Every year we have a big garden.  Like super big.  Which means from spring to fall, I need a way to carry seeds, fruits and veggies and gloves and tools.  

Which makes our newest pattern for apron with pockets absolutely perfect for garden days.  It is lightweight, but has a giant pocket that can hold so much.  I had 5 paper bags full of pumpkins seeds in this apron and it was a lifesaver.

pattern for apron with pockets
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    Don't get me wrong, I still love and use my Harvest Apron.  It is much easier to use when collecting big items like zucchini or corn.  

    But this half apron pattern with the pocket is great for collecting peas and beans and I can't wait to use it to collect our first crop of apples.

    half apron pattern

    Of course, this pocket apron is just for gardening.  It would be a great apron for using in the kitchen.  Holding towels or cooking utensils.  Helping transport ingredients from the pantry to the counter without taking multiple trips.

    However, you use this half apron pattern, you will love how easy it is to sew up.  Check out the video below to get you started.  Download the pattern at the end of the post.

    Use the apron pocket pattern to create your own easy half apron pattern.

    Want the Pocket Apron pattern along with a full step by step photo tutorial and none of the hassle?  Grab it for $4.40 in our Etsy Shop. No need to access the internet each time you want to make your own.

    VIDEO:  Easy Half Apron Pattern with Pocket

    Materials Needed

    All the fabric for this pattern was made using the Annie's Quilt Club fabrics.  They are so pretty and I love getting surprise new fabrics in the mail each month.

    Sew the Half Apron Pattern

    pattern for apron with pockets
    Step 1
    Cut a 10 inch piece of bias tape.  Place bias tape along the side edge of the apron piece.  Stitch in place.  Enclose the other side of the apron piece in another 10" of bias tape.

    half apron pattern

    apron pocket pattern
    Step 2
    Take bias tape and enclose the curved edge of the apron pocket.  Stitch in place.  Repeat on opposite side of the apron pocket.

    free half apron patterns

    Step 3
    Place the apron piece on a flat surface with the wrong side up.  Place the apron pocket over the apron with the wrong side facing up.  Pin the pieces together along the curved edge.

    half apron pattern
    Step 4
    Sew the pocket to the apron starting at where the two bias tape edges meet.  Using a 1/4" seam allowance and sew along the curve.  Make sure to finish the edges with a zigzag stitch.

    apron pocket pattern
    Step 5
    Turn the apron right side out.  Press the curved edge well and the side bias tape down.  

    Optional:  Topstitch from the top of the bias tape around the curve of the apron.

    pattern for apron with pockets
    Step 6
    Using pattern, cut 3 waistband pieces.  Place two pieces with right sides together and match the short edges.  Stitch together with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Add the third piece to the short side of one of the waistbands and stitch together.  

    You should now have about 90" of sewn waistband.

    half apron pattern
    Step 7
    Find the center of the waistband and match it to the center of the apron.  Take pins and use them to mark the right side of the apron and the left side of the apron.  You will not sew the waistband between these two markings.

    pattern for apron with pockets
    Step 8
    Fold the waistband in half with right sides together.  Make sure to keep the pins marking where the apron will go.  Stitch the waistband closed from the short side down the long side, stopping at the first pin marking.  Start sewing again at the other pin and continue to the opposite short side of the waistband.

    LEAVE THE CENTER OF THE WAISTBAND OPEN.  Trim the corners of the waistband.

    apron pocket pattern
    Step 9
    Turn the waistband right side out and press.  Press the raw edges of the waistband opening towards the inside of the waistband.

    free half apron patterns
    Step 10
    Tuck the apron into the waistband opening.  Matching the middle.  

    pattern for apron with pockets
    Step 11
    Pin waistband closed through the apron.  Stitch across the opening of the waistband through all the layers.  Press.

    free half apron patterns

    Tada!!  You did it!  See how easy this pattern for apron with pockets was.  Such a quick and fun sewing projects.  I can see many on the horizon for gifts for friends and neighbors.

    half apron pattern

    Get the Free Pattern

    Don't forget to grab the pattern for free.  Simply click the button below to download the Pocket Apron Sewing Pattern.

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