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No Peek - DIY Luggage Tags


Traveling can be stressful, but your labeling your luggage should not be part of that stress.  Instead, be prepared every time you travel with this DIY luggage tag tutorial.

It is a fast project and great scrap buster idea.  Plus, you can make coordinating tags for family and friends traveling with you.

diy luggage tags
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    Another benefit of a DIY luggage tags, you set your luggage apart from others.  When you go to pick up your bags, you'll have a tag that stands out from the rest.

    How do you make luggage tags at home?

    Luggage tags can be made from home with just a bit of fabric and a printer.  You can print both the PDF sewing pattern and the printable luggage labels right from home.  

    how to make luggage tags

    What do I put on a luggage label?

    Luggage labels should include your name, phone number, possible address and/or email.  Below you can download a free label to add to your fabric luggage tags.

    sew luggage tags

    How do you make a fabric luggage tag?

    Fabric luggage tags can be made with as little as a quarter of a yard of fabric.  

    Follow along with this easy tutorial and free sewing pattern and learn how to Sew DIY Luggage Tags.

    How to Make DIY Luggage Tags

    Materials Needed
    • No Peek Luggage Tag Pattern - find the peach button at the end of the post
    • 1/4 yard cotton fabric - fat quarters work great for this
    • 4 x 4" square clear vinyl
    • 5"matching or contrasting bias tape
    • Fusible interfacing
    • Thread
    • Safety pin or bodkin
    • Tissue Paper
    • Printable Luggage Labels - Get at the end of the post

    diy luggage tags
    Step 1
    Press interfacing to the wrong side of one of the main tag pieces and to the strap piece.  Set aside.

    how to make luggage tags
    Step 2
    Sew the bias tape along on of the long edges of the vinyl piece.  Make sure to sandwich the vinyl well between the folds of the bias tape.

    homemade luggage tag
    Step 3
    Fold the right sides of the strap together along the long side.  Stitch the strap together down the long side.

    how to make luggage tags
    Step 4
    Using a safety pin, turn the strap right side out.  Press flat.

    diy luggage tags
    Step 5
    Fold strap in half to add to the main tag in step 6.

    how to make luggage tags
    Step 6
    Match the bottom edge of the vinyl piece to the bottom raw edge of one of the main pieces.  Place the raw edges of the folded strap in the middle of the two pieces.  Pin in place.

    diy luggage tags 
    Step 7
    Place the remaining main piece over the other 3 pieces, with right sides together.  Pin in place.  Mark a 1-1.5" opening on the long side of the luggage tag.  You'll need this to turn the tag right side out.

    homemade luggage tag
    Step 8
    Stitch around the outside of the tag.  Leaving a 1-1.5" opening on the side.  Use a 1/4" seam.

    Clip the corners and trim any overhang from the vinyl pocket and strap.

    how to make luggage tags
    Step 9
    Turn the tag right side out through the opening.  Press.  Make sure to cover the vinyl in fabric before you press to avoid melting the vinyl.

    diy luggage tags
    Step 10
    Using a piece of tissue paper, cover the vinyl.  Topstitch around the entire tag right along the edge.

    diy bag tags
    Step 11
    Mark a 3/4" line in the center of the top of the tag.  Stitch a buttonhole along this marking.  Open the buttonhole with scissors.

    how to make luggage tags
    Step 12
    Thread the strap through the buttonhole and add your tag to your favorite luggage.

    You're almost done.  Make sure to print the luggage labels to add your name, phone, address and email to your luggage tag.

    diy luggage tags

    Want the free No Peek Luggage Tags and Info Cards?  Simply click the button below to get the email.

    how to make luggage tags

    Follow along with this easy tutorial and free sewing pattern and learn how to Sew DIY Luggage Tags.


    1. Chelsea, you have me thinking...Since I am probably the only seamstress in this Retirement Center, this idea would work for those residents who use walkers!! Bet you did not realize how many lose theirs or mix up with others in each day. LOL You always delight me with your ideas.

      1. I love this idea! It would be a great way to distinguish between items. So creative

    2. Forgot to mention I make colorful lanyards for the residents and staff to wear around their neck to hold their apt keys. I am 86 and still using my 1950's sewing machine which I love.

      1. The old machines are just better! Mine is from the 70's


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